I’m not sure I agree with the article.

The article says that any algorithm designed to ban domestic terrorists would end up banning too many Republican politicians. I’m not buyin’ that. It’s easy enough to build robotic filters with artificial intelligence systems which would ban some accounts (let’s say for using the “n” word as an example) but only screen other accounts, leaving the final decision up to human review. That process, if created properly, would allow the artificial intelligence to improve its own algorithms based upon which of its original screening selections were overridden, thus gradually reducing the human role in the process as the “bots” learn what the humans want.

As I see it, the real reason is this:

Twitter is a for-profit enterprise which bases its decisions on the health of its business model. They don’t want to ban anyone unless one of two things is true: (1) the user commits or conspires to commit a crime for which Twitter could be held responsible; (2) Twitter would make more profit by banning the user than by allowing him or her to stay.

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Trump is a real Orlando Bloom! Just ask him

Trump is 72, Biden 76. Biden is probably younger in terms of life expectancy, given that Trump is obese and loves greasy fast food. I did a quick down-and-dirty calculation, and it indicates that Trump’s life expectancy is about 14 more years, while Biden’s is about 16. Of course Trump could change that dramatically by losing about 60 pounds.

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