Already a classic – Charlotte Salt topless

Charlotte Salt, looking beautiful, in an episode of The Tudors

2 thoughts on “Already a classic – Charlotte Salt topless

  1. Ya know, I never watched a single episode of The Tudors! I only know it from the nude clips done by others.

    I did watch The White Queen and enjoyed it. I vaguely remember watching The White Princess, but I guess it made no impression on me at all.

  2. Boy did that series have some women. But horrible history. White Queen much better history (except the magic stuff) about a period which was an inspiration for GOT (Mrs. Peel as Warwick!). And two major babes. So when it was announced that there would be a White Princess I had visions of frequent Freya Mavor nudity (one of the better chests of her contemps). Did they ever screw that up. No Freya, bs history, and generally blah.

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