No Political Correctness for Game of Thrones!

If you thought they were going to cut back on the nudity, think again. They doubled down. Some of the nudity is quite indelicate!

Here is a gallery of Bronn with three prostitutes, played by Josephine Gillan, Lucy Aarden and Marina Lawrence-Mahrra.

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  1. Doesn’t really fit here, but for anybody interested, this is what Alex Jones said on Coast to Coast with George Noory on April 8 regarding Sandy Hook. Question and answer.

    George Noory (interviewer): “I want to talk about the biggest issue that has effected you personally, effected you a little emotionally and has effected you legally and you’ve been in some litigation personally, so if there are some things that you can not talk about I can completely understand. I want to talk about a story that is probably one of the saddest stories that we’ve seen in a long time. It’s Sandy Hook. Back in December 14 of 2012 in Newtown Connecticut a 20 year old sick young man by the name of Adam Lanza killed his mother in the morning and then went in to a school and shot away at the Sandy Hook Elementary School and killed 20 young kids, 6 and 7 year olds and 6 staff members. It was a horrible story. He then killed himself, shot himself in the head. It is the biggest mass shooting at a high school or grade school in U.S history. The deadliest, A lot of us in the media reported on this horrible story and those of us who are parents, as Alex Jones is, were deeply effected by it. But this one story, Alex, has effected your career to the point where you’ve been taken off Youtube, Facebook issues, all kinds of social media problems, because of what people think you did, and I want you to explain that, because you’ve talked about it before on this program, and I think right now it’s a very critical time in your career. I know how you feel about the parents who lost their kids, I know that personally because you and I have talked about it. But, I want you to tell me in your words what happened back in 2012 when you first heard the story and how did this rumor follow you.”

    Alex Jones: “And I’m going to do that but 5 minutes before we went live tonight you’re like “you’ve been on this show probably 60-70 times and even at the time you never brought up Sandy Hook and I’ve never heard you even on your own show get in to Sandy Hook, even though you were on 6 months ago and spent 30 minutes on this, still in the media they say ‘Jones said it didn’t happen’ and he’s sending people to the families of the childrens’ houses,” which I never did. So, I explained the deception, not of the families’, but of some of the groups behind this and what their master plan is and we actually know and how sick this is, but… going back to the time. Sandy Hook happens and I come out on air and I say that he was on Prozac type drugs, I bet he’s in to ‘shoot ’em up’ type video games which later came out. Then the internet, because they had seen so many false flags, like the babies in the incubators who had got their brains bashed out in 1990 that didn’t happen that leads us to the first Gulf War, fake WMDs or today, the Jessie Smollet type hoax, or the Russian collusion hoax. So people had seen all these Gulf of Tonkin, Northwoods… The internet was on fire saying it wasn’t real and so I covered both sides of it. We’ve looked it up maybe 20 times back when it happened, that’s what the sum total, and then that was it. Then all these investigators, people like school safety experts and professors and others…there’s a long list of professors said it was staged and they had former CIA high level operatives come out and say it wasn’t real and actually challenge me and say ‘no, no, no, this didn’t happen.’ And then so, over the next few years, I looked at some of the anomalies and had questions, and then later I thought some of the anomalies weren’t accurate. So, as soon as I said “I believe Sandy Hook happened” about 3 (or) 4 years ago, it happened seven years ago, all Hell broke loose and the liberal media, and the leftist media and the establishment media took it as weakness and said ‘oh my gosh, Jones admits he was lying, he made it up, his whole career is about it” but I never talked about it on your show, in probably 60+, 70 times, what is it? like 100 times so that’s a question, maybe Tom the producer could look it up (Coast to Coast producer Tom Danheiser,) It’s probably 70 (or) 80 times, I’m going from memory we’ll see if he could count it up, it’s quite a job, but it’s probably on the Coast to Coast AM website how many times I’ve been on, either as a 2 hour guest, a 1 hour guest, 15 minute guest, or a news guest (with prompting from Noory.) What do you think it is, maybe 70 (or) 80 times?”…. How many times? Ever bring up Sandy Hook, George. (Noory: Zero) Jones: Zero, until Hillary Clinton in 2016 campaign ran $18 million worth of ads, the Federal Election Commission reported on her quote ‘dark heart, fake news, alt. right’ media speech. They made an ad out of that $18 million worth of ads, that was her last month push against Donald Trump. She thought, ‘well, we’ll just edit Alex Jones, we’ll put it out of context, it looks terrible for him to be saying ‘no kids died’ and then that will defeat Trump. Well, when Trump still won, The Democrats still went with ‘bring down Donald Trump.’ As you said before we went live ‘I’ve never seen so much negative media except maybe Trump, and that’s it. They had Russiagate and then they had Sandy Hook, Alex Jones is a denier, and says these little kids didn’t die, which is out of context, and isn’t true. For years I’ve said it completely happened, but, again, you set up Alex Jones against poor, dead children, which I’m so sad about, so sad for the families. My God, I’ve got four children, and you’ve got children and grand children. But, it doesn’t matter once the media picks it up, it’s a news cycle that never stops. Vanity Fair, Associated Press, Washington Post, New York Times…We’re talking every day dozens…”

    Noory: Does it wear on you? Is it getting to you right now?

    Jones: You know, it does get to me when I’m walking down the street and most people like me, but if I’m in liberal areas of Austin like downtown, has some of the best restaurants in Austin, and it’s kind of like San Francisco now in Austin, Googles, moved there, they’ve all moved there, and people will scream “F U Russian spy, you’re going to go to prison, you’re going to get the gas chamber.’ But now that that came out to be a hoax, everybody knows it, they’ve left me alone on that. So, now they say ‘I’m gonna kick your butt, while I’m eating dinner in a restaurant and knock my tea over and say ‘how dare you harass those families and those kids’ and I’ll say “where’s the video?” Where’s the video of me saying ‘go harass the kids or their families.” So, that’s where we’re at. It’s simply a way to take a populist talk show host that they believe got Donald Trump elected, which I don’t believe is really the case, and just as they can’t get Trump, I’m low hanging fruit. So, I’m like a chew toy for a pit bull.”

  2. Noory (after a preamble about people wanting to take guns away) But, take a moment, and even if there’s one parent from the Sandy Hook tragedy who lost a kid (listening) I want you to talk to them:

    Jones: Well, absolutely, that’s why about 4 years ago, I was contacted by some of the families, and they said ‘listen these professors and some of these people that are up here investigating us, they’re crazy, please tell them stop.’ And I said “I’m not the one involved” then I interviewed some of the people from those doubting and some of the things they were saying were outlandish, so I distanced myself, and some of the people that think Sandy Hook’s fake said ‘oh you’re covering it up.’ and that’s when I really started to break completely with it. And again, I was sucked in to this. It was barely something I even talked about as you’re a witness to. So, the media was making it my identity, and become this weird swirling black hole over New Haven, Connecticut and over Sandy Hook and this whole area there, and, so, I was already trying to say ‘this isn’t my identity get me away from it’ but I’ve been completely sucked it. So, I have told the families through my own show, through your show, like when I was here six months ago, I’ve told them through countless other programs that I don’t believe what the true conspiracy theorists are saying that no children died. I’ve talked to people that know the families, it really happened, it’s a tragedy, mass shootings happen, but please stop saying through the lawyers, that I’m saying nobody died. And it doesn’t stop, NPR last week had 2 shows saying ‘Jones said no one died’ and then the families are on saying ‘Alex Jones won’t just stop saying it.’ and it’s just like an exact thing they say that I guess comes from the law firms and so that’s all coming out and they’ve had Senator Murphy and Senator Blumenthal of Connecticut and anybody can search engine this and they’ve said quote “Alex Jones is terrorizing the families we must ban him and others from the internet and Google and Facebook are to blame as well” And so again, it’s not the parents, they’re great people, I feel so sorry for them, and I’m a parent as well, it tears my heart out, but, it’s the lawyers and the Senators, that are on record as saying quote ‘take Alex Jones off to save democracy’, and then once people accept totally removing me, they can tell any lies about me they want and I can’t respond, but more importantly, the precedent is set to bring down all other independent media and talk radio is #1 next up in their sites.

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