The Orioles’ Chris Davis ends his futility streak

He had gone 0-for-54 over two seasons before today’s game, when he came up with his first hit since September 14th of last year! He went on to get two more in the game.

He’s making $23 million per year and still has nearly four years left on his contract.

* In the year before he signed that contract, he hit 47 homers, and that wasn’t even his career high. Here are his homer totals since: 38, 26, 16, 0.

* His batting average has also dropped each year. He batted .262 in his contract year, then .221, .215, .168, .079.

He has simply not found any groove in at least two years. He followed his .168 last year with a .189 in spring training, then started this season 0-for-33 before today’s game.

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