Justice Department willing to hand over counterintelligence if Schiff backs off ‘enforcement action’

Now this is where the Dems need to start playing from the Republican playbook. First, they should make the deal and agree not to hold Barr in contempt for his failure to testify, if they get the materials they seek. Then, after they get the materials, they should subpoena Barr again, because he’ll have to explain why many things were redacted, and why his summary was misleading. It will be even more embarrassing for him to explain why certain things were redacted after they are known, so he will of course refuse to testify again. Then they hold him in contempt for the second refusal, thus honoring their part of the deal on the first refusal.

Now THAT is the art of the deal.

“On May 16, the Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium issued an opinion that will make it possible to imprison parents who enforce a vegan diet on their children.”

“Children can follow a vegan diet if it’s accompanied by medical supervision, regular blood tests, and vitamin supplements, Belgian pediatricians concluded. However, parents who don’t follow through on the additional requirements risk two years in prison, fines, and the possibility that their children will be removed from their homes if the kids do have associated health issues.”

“Kobach’s demands included a promise for Trump to nominate him to be head of the Department of Homeland Security by November of this year — provided Kobach did not want to instead continue in the czar role — as well as around-the-clock access to a government jet and generally being able to take weekends off at his home in Kansas.

Kobach also demanded to be the main television spokesman for the administration on immigration, a guarantee of deference from Cabinet secretaries on immigration and symbols of top White House status, including a staff of seven, being able to walk into the Oval Office at will and a commensurate title at the highest pay level for White House senior staff.”

That would be a presumptuous list even if he were qualified!

From his Wikipedia entry:

“In August 2018, The Kansas City Star reported that none of the towns where Kobach helped to enact anti-immigration ordinances over a 13-year period still had those ordinances on the books. The ordinances were costly to defend in court, with some localities going bankrupt. At the same time, Kobach personally profited, earning more than $800,000 on legal work for the localities over a 13-year period, paid both by the localities and an anti-immigration advocacy group.”