Billy Buck could play.

He had his best years with the Cubs, for whom he won an NL batting championship and twice led the league in doubles. He also had two fine years for the Red Sox in 1985 and 1986, knocking in more than 100 runs each time, but we all know that the 1986 season was spoiled by one crucial ground ball that rolled through his legs, placing him in a club he could never escape: the famous goats. Since he did his purgatory on earth, he’s up there in heaven now, talkin’ baseball with fellow club members Bonehead Merkle, Mickey Owen, Fred Snodgrass and Roger Peckinpaugh.

Below – the catch Bill did not miss, from “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

To me, this is the photo of the year. Climbers queue up to summit Everest.

Here’s something to think about: getting down. After making the summit, those climbers had to come back down the same way – fighting past that long line of people waiting to ascend, all of them on a narrow shelf, perched above sheer drops of ten thousand feet.