Does anyone know the source of these pictures?

This one is supposedly a naked, young Jaime Pressly throwing the javelin.

And this one, from the same series, is Jaime with a bow.

The javelin shot has been making the rounds lately, and has appeared on hundreds of blogs, but nobody seems to be able to identify the original source. What is the source? Is it really Jaime?


The Google Images result:

Your search – “Jaime Pressly” “Moulin Rouge” “Guido Argentini” – did not match any image results.

5 thoughts on “Does anyone know the source of these pictures?

  1. I couldn’t find the source. URL says the archery shot is from Playboy. Maybe Playboy Slovenia?

        1. It may be from Playboy Plus. That sounds logical, although I can’t absolutely confirm it at this time since I lack a sub to Playboy Plus, but I’m thinking you must be right. That must have been yet another photoshoot that she did for them in 1998, rather than outtakes from the first one, since it involved a different photographer and was published between her two appearances in the magazine.

          I still don’t know what Guido Argentini and Moulin Rouge have to do with it.

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