Bonnie Bedelia in The Stranger (1986)

When I wrote my review of this film, it was based on a VHS viewing. The captures here represent the first time I’ve ever seen anything from the film in good quality. (It’s now available from Amazon Prime in HD.)

In addition to the B&W flashback scene pictured above, Bedelia also did a very brief topless scene in color, seen here.

My review can be summed up in two sentences: (1) This movie is pretty damned good for a low-budget flick you never heard of; (2) Bonnie Bedelia should have become a bigger star.

I’m pretty sure that this time, unlike 1992, he won’t be jumping back in.

He won 19% of the popular vote in 1992, the most of any third party candidate in the past 100 years. He might even have won the race if he hadn’t quit for a while. On June 15th, Time Magazine reported that he was the front-runner by a wide margin, preferred by 37% of voters, compared to 24% each for Bush and Clinton.

I guess you’re not supposed to speak ill of the dead, so I probably shouldn’t mention that I knew several people who worked for Perot at EDS and they all, without exception, felt he was a complete asshole, including the ones who became millionaires thanks to Perot.

But I’ll mention it anyway because, although he contributed a lot to various humanitarian causes and was right about many things, Perot was above all an annoying, self-absorbed little fuck.

Update from the comments:

Ross Perot is currently lobbying for a third choice, citing the corrupt dichotomy of Heaven and Hell.