That has to be some kind of record for ineptitude. He not only got both places wrong, but got them on the wrong days and in the wrong sequence as well!

Assuming he meant Ohio instead of Michigan and El Paso instead of Houston, the Ohio event actually occurred on the day he was speaking (Sunday), while the Texas incident happened the day before.

You have to wonder what the heck he was actually thinking of, because that’s a lot of major details to get wrong in the course of only a dozen words. It seems to me that he experiences a lot of confusion. He has also been known to talk about “eight more years of Trump,” as if he doesn’t get that whole wacky term-limit concept. He also looked feeble-minded when he told his potential supporters to “go to Joe 3-0-3-3-0,” as if he had no idea what he was actually saying. Maybe he thought “Joe 30330” was a companion piece to his favorite song, “Pennsylvania 65000.” Oh, that Joe. What a groovy hepcat!

Needless to say, some wag immediately grabbed and redirected it to his own (apocryphal) campaign.

If Joe is the best the Dems can do, you may well anticipate a second Trump term. Given that Trump is both old and obese with terrible eating habits, and therefore not a great bet to survive a second term (you don’t see many 78-year-old fat guys), the identity of his vice-president will be a key factor since the #2 has a good chance to end up in the Oval Office. Will he stick with Pence?

The same consideration affects your thoughts about Biden. He’s in good shape physically, but he seems to be slowing mentally and would be 82 years old at the end of his term if he were to be elected in 2020. The Presidency is a stressful job, so you wonder if he could make it until January, 2025, and even if he did, a second term seems totally out of the question. If he wins the general election, his choice of a running mate could be tantamount to a coronation.

Presidential candidates usually try to balance their tickets to attract other wings of their parties, but that would be a tough call with Joe. Since he is a moderate, he’d have to pick Bernie or Pocahontas to balance the ticket, but they are also elderly. At the end of a Biden first term, Warren would be 75 and Bernie’s age can best be calculated by scientists reckoning from the big bang. (He’s even older than Biden.) If Biden gets the nomination, there is zero chance he would pick Bernie, and even choosing Warren would still box them in to an assisted living ticket.

Given the poor options for the Dems, things are lining up quite well for Trump even though every major poll since April shows Biden ahead of him.