You might say he died as he lived – evading authority

Donald Trump re-tweeted a conspiracy theory about Epstein’s death :

” Yeah right! How does that happen? #JefferyEpstein had information on Bill Clinton & now he’s dead .”

#ClintonBodyCount is now the #2 hashtag being propagated by the Russian bot network!

(Epstein also had information on Donald Trump, so #TrumpBodyCount is also trending! It’s “choose your outrageous conspiracy” day, bringing out the wingnuts from all sides.)

In fact, it also brought out the anarchist types who blame everyone in the system, on the left and right!

All of that is nonsense, but here’s something that isn’t, from the first story linked above: “Only the Program Coordinator will have the authority to remove an inmate from suicide watch.” So … (1) Who is the program coordinator (the psychologist in charge of the prison’s suicide prevention program)? (2) Why did he take Epstein off suicide watch?

I don’t believe this matter will disappear quickly.

And now back to the nonsense …

Now here’s my own personal conspiracy theory. The Bureau of Prisons is part of the executive branch (DoJ), so Epstein actually died while under Trump’s care. But the man most responsible for his death is the psychologist who took him off suicide watch, and many mental health professionals think Trump has some serious psychological disorders. So I think the shrink framed Trump!

Here’s my alternate theory: Epstein was trying to learn the Bossa Nova. Always blame it on the Bossa Nova.

The very busty Lise Slabber in Black Sails

I do miss my pirates, but Black Sails had some of the same problems as Game of Thrones. The second-last season was some of the best television I’ve ever seen. The final episode of that season is rated 9.7 at IMDb. But the final season seemed to consist entirely of undeveloped characterization and an accelerated plot, as if they were rushing to compress four years of the story into one and decided to present the entire season in bullet points like a Power Point presentation.