Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) defended banning abortion with no exceptions for cases of rape or incest on Wednesday by arguing that most of the world wouldn’t exist without rape or incest.”

This is almost completely consistent with the position of those who believe the bible is literally true. I say “almost” because a literalist would correct King and say, “Not MOST, but ALL. Brother-sister incest is the only possible source of the human race. The only way Cain and Seth could have taken wives was by marrying their sisters. The only way Adam and Eve’s children could have procreated was by marrying each other.”

“I was really lucky that Pornhub believed in my vision and was not scared to jump in it with me. If you think that porn is uncomfortable, I’m sorry that you are uncomfortable, but don’t make other people feel uncomfortable for being okay with it.”

Her and Him is a modernistic, sexually explicit Romeo and Juliet-like depiction of two star-crossed lovers who have unbridled sexual longing for each other.”

I dunno. Some of these jobs don’t seem weird at all. The weirdest in Wisconsin is “floor sander.” That seems like a necessity for any contractor who installs any type of wooden floor.

On the other hand, there’s Florida. “Scuba diving pizza delivery man” is, one must concede, deeply weird. California also has a good one: “Dog surfing instructor.”