Martha Higareda in Altered Carbon, s1e5″

A very deserving top-five finisher among our Best Nude Scenes of 2018

Altered Carbon was certainly the rookie of the year in the nudity competition, but it appears that Martha and Dichen Lachman, the nudity stars of the first season, will not return to the series in season two. (Netflix has released some teasers, but no release date as yet. It may not arrive until 2020.)

Legally, I think he is technically correct. It would require him to declare a national emergency under 50 U.S. Code § 1701

However …

This really goes outside the spirit of the law, which was intended to deal with national emergencies created by outside threats to American security. Trump is taking it to a new level by saying, “I can create a national emergency, then declare it so, then use that situation to expand my authority.”

This is so completely unhinged that it will be interesting to see people try to defend it!

“He was 79, but his family says they wish he could live longer… but at least he lived long enough to see the Amazon catch fire. As for his remains, he asked to be cremated and have his ashes blown into a child’s lungs.”

Bill Maher

I have no good feelings for the Koch brothers, but I can’t bring myself to agree with this kind of thinking. It’s just revenge. I would celebrate if Koch’s death made the world better, but everything goes on as before, so I’m neither glad nor sad to see him go.

But that last joke is pretty funny.