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Quick summary:

Trump approval (+/-) among:

  • Uneducated (no college degree) whites: +9
  • Educated whites: -11
  • Non-white: -51

Education has become a greater divider than gender. The difference in the approval rating between white men and white women is 8 points, while the difference between educated and non-educated whites is 10.

Obviously race differentiates us the most dramatically (Trump’s approval is 50% among whites, 10% among non-whites), but another correlated factor shows a similar gap. Trump’s approval rating among rural voters is 54%, suburban 42%, urban 30%.

All of these things are related, of course. More poorly educated white people live in rural areas, while the cities encompass a high percentage of non-whites.

In other topics:

Biden continues to be the preference of 31% of Democrats, the same percentage he held back in March, but Warren continues to take away Sanders voters. In March it was 23-4 in favor of Bernie. It is now 20-10 in favor of Warren.

All four of the leading Democrats are well ahead of Trump in head-to-head match-ups. Biden is ahead by 12.

The three leading Democrats are about even in favorability ratings (Biden +8, Sanders +7, Warren +6). Kamala Harris is quite a bit lower, but at +1 is still far more favorable than Trump, who is at -14. People still miss Obama, whose favorability rating is +23.

There is one very troubling fact for Trump in the Fox News analysis: among voters who don’t like either Biden or Trump, Biden holds a 33-point edge. That group represents about 10% of the electorate. Of those 10, four would go to Biden, one to Trump, and the other five would vote for a third party or stay home. That means that Trump starts the election about three points down on a group of people that don’t even like Biden. That is the opposite of 2016, when Trump held a 20 to 30-point edge among those who disliked both him and Hillary.

One thought on “New Fox News poll

  1. The irony is these rural, uneducated people consistently vote against their own cause.

    They blame immigrants for taking jobs, but then vote for the party that supports corporations hiring then with no consequences, support the party that cuts their taxes to basically nothing, allows them to manipulate various state and federal taxes by incorporating in some combination of Delaware, Ireland, with money funneled through the Caiman Islands.

    They vote for the union busting party, they vote for the party who refuses to raise minimum wage to anything remotely livable, and all it takes is a drop of the word ‘socialism’ or blaming some immigrant who pays their taxes – instead of the 1% hoarding more money ever than human history who don’t.

    Trump supporters deserve every hardship in life they get. Keep working at crap rural retail or labor intensive jobs to scrape by in life. That’s the bed you’ve made for yourselves with your decisions.

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