Now she’s in the Star Wars blockbusters, but at 19 she bared her … er … soul for art in 2003 in a hifalutin’ BBC mini-series, “Servants,” which was about England’s dunderheaded rural aristocracy in the 1850s and their various servants and attendants. (A real mass audience blockbuster, just like Star Wars!)

The Guardian wrote a funny (and quite positive) review: “I particularly enjoyed the overstyled, smocked-and-gaitered shepherd, accessorised by just two sheep (one black, one white), who, as he explained, was paid to stand around in sight of the Big House: ‘It’s the Master’s idea of a pastoral idyll.”

Man, those shepherds used some pretty fancy vocab back in the day – “pastoral idyll”? Lord Byron couldn’t have said it better. Those servants must have been like the field hands in Python’s Grail who dreamed of forming an agrarian collective.

Those statues you see in the topless clip provided a recurring thematic device in the show. The working class people kicked them, ridiculed them and generally disrespected them.

Depending on its path and whether it peters out over the Bahamas, it could become the fiercest storm ever to hit the East Coast.

As of this moment, the storm has completely stalled over Grand Bahama Island, which may result in an unprecedented disaster for that island.

From my e-mail:

I just wanted to send out a quick hello as we all watch the developments surrounding Hurricane Dorian along the East coast.

As of Monday at noon, we are under a precautionary, mandatory evacuation for all of Beaufort County. That said, given the uncertainty of the storm’s path, we anticipate a good many people may take a wait-and-see position into Tuesday and Wednesday before possibly leaving the area.

If/as you are interested in getting more detailed information about how the storm may impact the Lowcountry, I’ve compiled a list of resources below for your consideration:

Town of Hilton Head Island:

Town of Bluffton:

Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office:

South Carolina Emergency Management Division:

Weather Updates:

Please feel free to let me know any questions or comments you might have, and please join all of us here at CGR with your best wishes and prayers for the protection of the Lowcountry during this storm event.

Only Koufax and Nolan Ryan have thrown more

He seemed to be losing it at the end of his Detroit days. He posted seasons like 13-12, 15-12, 5-8 and 10-8, and his ERA soared as high as 4.54.

That’s forgotten now. The Astros have given him a new lease on life. Since joining them, his record is 38-14, and his worst ERA has been this year’s 2.56! He now has 221 lifetime wins against only 128 losses.