Sasha is topless in an episode of Shameless.

Her family is Slavic and she actually speaks Serbian, so I guess she realizes her first and last names are basically the same. It is roughly equivalent to Jim James or Don Donald. Of course none of that can explain where any of it came from, given that her real name is Suzana Drobnjakovic.

You can certainly see why she thought “Drobnj” would be an unpronounceable mouthful for people who normally like to enjoy an occasional vowel.

By the way, her married name would now be Suzana Ponti, and her mother-in-law is Sophia Loren. To be technical, I don’t know whether she legally took the Ponti name, but her children are surnamed Ponti.

Franco actually ran classes in how to do sex scenes and nude scenes, and it has been well known that he crossed the customary boundaries with his female students. One of the actresses suing him had already made all these same allegations in May of 2018.

Since the activities were already public knowledge and Franco showed no sign of contrition, it was only a matter of time before legal action.