She’s a model from the U.K, who became most famous with Victoria’s Secret, and of course she also invented the princess phone.

Houston wins 3-1

Cole allowed more hits than Verlander, but made up for that with 15 Ks. The Rays have not scored against Houston’s starters.

I don’t know if it is going to get any easier for the Rays when they go home to Tampa. The next guy they have to face is Zack Greinke, who was 18-5 this year and is probably headed for the HoF with a lifetime record of 205-123. Consider this: Greinke started his career 21-35, so since then he’s 184-88. In the period from 2008 to the present, Greinke is second in wins (behind Verlander), second in W-L percentage (behind Kershaw), and third in ERA among pitchers with 100 wins or more (behind only Kershaw and Chris Sale, whose poor 2019 year raised his lifetime ERA from 2.89 to 3.03).

The top 25 around the nation

The biggest match-up of the week pitted two undefeated top-10 teams in the Thunderdome. #10 Florida defeated #7 Auburn. Florida’s pass defense was the key to the victory. They held Auburn’s Bo Nix to a dismal 11-for-27 with three picks. The Gators are lookin’ good, but still have a rough road ahead. They have to play #5 LSU next week, and in three weeks will face #3 Georgia.

The two big dogs didn’t hunt this week. #1 and #2 had the week off.

#3 through #6 won easily, and #8 through #13 all won

#14 Iowa fell from the undefeated ranks with a loss to Michigan.

We all know that undefeated #24 SMU isn’t really good enough to be ranked nationally (the computers rank them 45th), but they pulled off an amazing comeback this week. They were down 30-9 after three quarters to Tulsa(!!), but came back with 21 in the fourth quarter to tie the game in regulation, then scored 13 more in OT. It took three overtimes to pull it out of the fire! This is the first time SMU has started a season 6-0 since Reagan’s first term.

By the way …

Speaking of Sagarin’s computer rankings, his formulas place neither Alabama nor Clemson in the #1 spot. That goes to THE Ohio State University. Before Saturday’s games, the computers ranked Clemson 5th!