They totally curb-stomped the Browns to stay undefeated

The Browns managed only 78 net passing yards, Mayfield was 8-for-22 with two pics, a lost fumble, and a lot of sack yardage.

One positive thing on the Browns: they had a helluva punting game. In this game alone, Gillan had a 68-yarder and a 71. Those now represent two of the five longest punts of the year. OK, it’s not much, but it’s a good thing they had that, considering how many times they had to punt from deep in their own territory in this game. The game was 31-3, but it probably could have been a lot worse.

That punter is a rookie who played his college ball at Arkansas – Pine Bluff. Who knew they even had a team? (Well, I guess L.C. Greenwood knew, because he also graduated from that school.) Do they have enough students to field both a football team and a band? I’ll bet they do double duty and change uniforms for the halftime show. (Baritone voice: “Here’s number 99, playing linebacker and trombone, and also the night manager at the local 7-Eleven …”) They must be in about Division Twelve. I looked them up and their opponents include such fearsome powers as Lane College and Langston University. (I didn’t make those names up. They are tiny schools which are part of of the HBCU network.)

Michael Che had an interesting point on SNL. Are we sure it’s politically correct to make fun of this guy? It’s like making fun of Lenny in Of Mice and Men. Why do liberals think it’s OK to make fun of Trump, when they would raise a fuss if we made fun of anyone else with obvious mental or emotional problems?

That’s not really the interesting thing about the case, because that ruling will drag on through level after level of appeals.

No, the most interesting thing is a contention by Trump’s own attorneys. They did not stick to the basic defense that a sitting president cannot be prosecuted. Instead, they also insisted that releasing his returns would cause him “irreparable harm”!

They know we can see that, right?

The point can’t be related to the fact that he’s the president, because every other recent president has released his returns, as have all major candidates, and it did them no harm at all. Therefore his own lawyers are admitting that he’s different, that his returns are filled with all kinds of shady shit that he doesn’t want people to see!

That’s some good lawyering right there! Is this a Giuliani strategy?

Imagine if everyone was allowed to use this as a legal defense. After all, any good evidence causes the defendant irreparable harm. No, your honor, I can’t allow the video tape of my client and his late wife at the moment of her death to be admitted into evidence. It might cause him “irreparable harm.” Especially the part with the knife.

“The most recent episode of South Park, ‘Band in China,’ has been generating loads of media attention for its sharp critique of the way Hollywood tends to shape its content to avoid offending Chinese government censors in any way whatsoever.

Now, those very same government censors, in the real world, have lashed back at South Park by deleting virtually every clip, episode and online discussion of the show from Chinese streaming services, social media and even fan pages.”

These are some images you may not have seen. Mathilda May, the famous Lifeforce babe, seen here in Naked Tango, an obscure 1990 film which has never officially come to digital media, to my knowledge. The quality is quite respectable for VHS.

Her unexpected co-star in the film is that global master of the tango, Vincent D’Onofrio! Check out this image of the unlikely pairing.

Sunday’s scores

The big news is that KC fell from the unbeaten ranks, reducing the club membership to two: the mighty Patriots and … the 49ers (??)

Membership may be restricted to the Patriots after tonight’s game. The Niners, playing at home, are favored by four or five in the Monday game, but I think they may have trouble defeating the underrated Browns.

On the other side of the ledger, still no wins for Washington, Cincinnati, Miami and the Jets. (Hey, somebody had to win the Cardinals-Bengals game!) Barring a tie, one of the winless wonders has drop out of the club next week as well, when Washington faces Miami. How bad are the Dolphins? They are underdogs at home against Washington. Oh, the shame.

Baseball recap

The Dodgers had 8 RBIs by players who fell behind in the count 0-2. That is the most by any team in a game all season! The Dodgers are up, two games to one, but the Nats have Scherzer ready for game four at home, so it should at least be interesting.

22-year-old Canadian phenom Mike Soroka (13-4, 2.68) and the Atlanta bullpen held the Cardinals to just four hits, but Adam Wainwright was even better, and the Braves were down 1-0 with two out in the ninth. They promptly scored three and won! This is the first time that the Braves have led a post-season series since 2002. They have not actually won one since 2001, when their line-up included Julio Franco. Braves up, two games to one.