Here, he notes that gas prices are high, and suggests that California shouldn’t insist on fuel-efficient cars!

Always thinking outside the box! Needless to say, if cars were less fuel-efficient, Californians would use more gas, therefore spending even more of their budgets on fuel.

And with this kicker – as they use more gas, an increase in demand is more likely to make prices increase, not decline, so Californians would not only use more gas, but would probably also pay more per gallon!

Gee, I can’t understand why he went bankrupt so many times.

Good speech. He convinced me!

Pretty sure he didn’t convince himself.

But I guess we have a chance to see if he is a man of integrity who says what he truly believes, or is simply a hypocrite who makes up whatever argument suits his party at the moment.

(If you’re willing to bet the “integrity” line, I will take that bet.)

The Nationals and Rays have fought back against the odds.

The Rays just took two in a row against pitchers who will undoubtedly be in the Hall of Fame one day, but they now have to beat the King of K’s, Gerrit Cole, in his home park. Cole is still young, so the Hall is not yet on the table, but his career also seems to be bound for Cooperstown. If the Rays win that game, it would be the climax of a comeback for the ages. When they were down 2-0, you could probably have gotten 20-1 odds against them beating three of the best pitchers in the game successively.

Of course they have not done it yet.

I know the Yankees are rooting for them.

The Rays have succeeded using a lot of creative strategies. In this game they used six pitchers and none of them lasted more than two and a third innings. None of those pitchers were yanked for poor performance. They all pitched well until a fresher arm or a better match-up was available. As a group, they allowed the powerful Astros only six hits. The save went to last year’s Cy Young winner, starter Blake Snell.

The Rays are tinkering with the whole concept of a starting pitcher. Ryne Stanek, a relief pitcher, started 27 games this year, 29 last year. They call him an “opener” rather than a starter. A guy really has to swallow his ego to take on that role, because at the end of the day, his record in that job will be 0-and-something, and his winning percentage will be an embarrassing zero. According to the rules of MLB, a guy who pitches the first inning or two can get a loss, but not a win, so Stanek’s lifetime record in 56 starts is 0-3.

The Rays don’t really believe very strongly in closers, either. The 2018 staff had 52 saves, but no individual pitcher had as many as half that amount. The team had 46 in 2019, but no individual topped 20. In contrast, Osuna had 38 of the Astros’ 47 this season; Kirby Yates had 41 of San Diego’s 47.

Total digression:

I’m impressed that San Diego had so many leads to preserve. For the season they had 73 save opportunities with only 70 wins, compared to Houston’s 67 opportunities in 107 wins. There is normally a correlation between team wins and save opportunities, although that relationship is not a 1-to-1 correspondence because there are complicating factors. For example, if a team (like Houston) is often too far ahead, the rules allow them fewer save opportunities. But even given the normal complexity of the save-to-win relationship, the Padres were a real fluke. 73 save opportunities with only 70 wins is amazing. There were six other teams with win totals in the 67-72 range, and they averaged only 51 save opportunities.

Elizabeth Warren is now the official front runner, per RCP. Their average of the polls now stands at Warren 26.6, Biden 26.4!

They use five credible polls to form the current average, and Warren has the edge in four of them. I personally expect Warren to pull quite a bit ahead, not so much because of Trump’s ongoing slander of Biden, but because of Bernie’s heart attack. I think we are going to see the Warren/Bernie wing consolidate behind Warren. We have seen little evidence of that so far, but I think it is inevitable. IBD shows that Bernie has dropped to 10%, which is the lowest he has been on any poll from a firm rated A- or better.

Kamala Harris is in fifth place behind Mayor Pete, and she’s also losing ground to Andrew Yang. (In fact, Yang beats her 8-to-4 in the latest Emerson poll, which is not used in the RCP average.)

Two of the five polls used in the average, Quinnipiac and IBD, are rated A- or better by the stats nerds at 538. Both of those polls show Warren in the lead. Both of those polls show that Buttigieg is in 4th, and that Yang has pulled into a tie for fifth with Harris.

They concluded that there was a significant Russian effort to interfere in general, and to stoke racial division in particular.

The report details how a Russian troll farm called the Internet Research Agency used automated posts and fake social media identities to hurt Hillary Clinton. Their research uncovered the fact that about 2/3 of their Facebook posts were focused on race, and that they inundated potential black voters with messages like these: “Don’t Vote for Hillary Clinton,” “Don’t Vote At All,” “Why Would We Be Voting,” “Our Votes Don’t Matter,” and “A Vote for Jill Stein is Not a Wasted Vote.”

The conclusion of the committee was that the giants of social media can’t be trusted to police themselves, and that some additional government oversight is essential.

“– and I don’t care.”

Sloshed Stepdad has a point there. She’s naked, and she’s quite a fox. She’s probably one of those Russian ops send here to live in the suburbs and seduce us, continually spying in order to learn the key secrets of American life, like how a right-hander should play a sharp dogleg left if he has a natural fade.

As sozzled stepdad states, she has a great Instagram bio:

“Oh what a woman. I’m natural for you. For offers”