During the regular season, the New York Yankees hit the second-most team homers in the history of major league baseball.

During the regular season, the Houston Astros set the all-time record for team slugging average.

This was not the regular season.

Together they managed only 13 hits in 11 innings. That said, a walk-off homer is always thrilling in any season, regular or post-.

All of a sudden it’s one game apiece, with Gerrit Cole in the wings, waiting to extend his incredible streak of 18 wins in a row, counting the post-season. Did you remember that Cole started this season 1-4? After May 22nd, when he suffered his last loss, he was 16-0 with a 1.78 ERA and 226 Ks in only 147 innings (13.9 per 9 innings!). He then added two more wins in the post-season.

His streak is almost identical to what Doctor K did in the 1985 season. After May 25, Gooden was 18-1 with a 1.39.

  • On the surface Gooden’s ERA in the 1985 streak seems better than Cole’s in 2019, but in context they were virtually identical. The National League ERA was 3.60 in 1985, while the American League ERA was 4.62 in 2019. BOTH were at 39% of the league average.
  • Their strikeout totals were also virtually identical in context. Cole averaged 13.87 K/9 in that streak, but the American League average is now 8.75. Gooden struck out “only” 8.67 per nine innings, but the NL average then was 5.50, so they are BOTH 58% above the league average!

The statistical similarity of the two streaks is absolutely amazing!

Any full-scale war is bad, but this one has repercussions for the USA: Turkey is a member of NATO, and thus ostensibly our ally. Syria under Assad is our enemy.

But …

In this case it is possible to argue that the Syrians are the good guys. Two reasons: (1) They are defending their own borders against the invading Turks; (2) They have swept in to be a white knight and prevent the genocide of the Kurds, who really were our allies until about a week ago.

Of course the Kurds can’t trust Syria, but then again they couldn’t really trust us either, could they? They took the only road open to them.

In other words, it’s a shitshow, and a probable lose-lose for America.


The 49ers and Patriots remained undefeated. I guess we can say that the 49ers are obviously for real since they defeated the Rams in LA! The Patriots win was atypical. They scored 35 points without a passing touchdown.

The Seahawks and Saints advanced to 5-1. The Bills had a bye. The two other one-loss teams, the Packers and Lions, square off tomorrow.

The Jets and ‘Skins won, leaving only the Dolphins and Bengals winless. Of course, the ‘Skins win was tainted by the fact that it came against Miami, and they only won because the weak Dolphins chose not to play for a tie, but it’s still a W in the standings. The Jets win was legit. They saw the first light at the end of their dark tunnel, beating the Cowboys behind a promising performance by Sam Darnold.

  • I’m not sure how much more Matt Ryan could have done (30 for 36 with 4 TDs, no picks), but the Falcons lost anyway – on a missed extra point! To be fair, Arizona’s Kyler Murray matched Ryan almost step for step (27 for 37 with 3 TDs, no picks).
  • Vikings receiver Stefon Diggs really helped your fantasy team. He had 167 receiving yards and 3 TDs.

In college news, Georgia lost and LSU leapfrogged over Clemson and THE Ohio State, so the LSU Tigers went from #5 to #2 in the AP poll. The Coaches’ Poll does not agree fully, preferring the other Tigers (Clemson) in the #2 spot. The computer ratings are completely different. Ohio State is #1, while LSU and Clemson don’t even crack the top four.

It has been a good year for Tigers. Princeton is also undefeated, although three of those wins came against their own family butlers.