One of our visitors led us to this, which explains imgur’s new policy Bottom line: they will not support NSFW subreddits, and they will not support any NSFW images without requiring a log-in.

I reckon that means I will stop messing with imgur images. I’ll keep an eye on Reddit to see what they do, and I’ll also look around for other hosts with a minimum of bullshit.

new pics 10/18:


Ana Girardot in “entangled”:

Nadia Tereszkewicz in “sauvages”:

Joséphine Drai in “plan coeur”:


Cécile Bois in “examen de conscience”:

Flore Bonaventura in “le premier oublié”:

Julie Boulanger in “un si grand soleil”:

Luna Catpiaux in “intime connexion”:

Jihane Trabelsi in “Alexandra Ehle”:


French version  (with commentary)

Archives (1000s of collages. Free)