Biden redux (or Warren relapse)

About two weeks ago, I noted that RCP’s poll summary had made Elizabeth Warren the official front-runner. She is now back-running.

As of now, RCP’s composite says:

Biden 28
Warren 22
Sanders 18
Buttigieg 7
Harris 5

The only poll taken this week (Politico) is quite consistent with that:

Biden 32
Warren 20
Sanders 20
Buttigieg 7
Harris 6

On the other hand, Biden’s lead over Trump has dropped to about 7. That may drop further when the polls are recent enough to include the deaths of Baghdadi and some of his lieutenants.

2 thoughts on “Biden redux (or Warren relapse)

  1. Proving there’s no cure for stupid, America’s must abundant resource.
    Is there a “stupid” mine in the US?

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