This week’s scoreboard

Well, the Alabama/Georgia debate is finished. Alabama lost to Auburn by surrendering 48 points, so for the first time since time immemorial, Alabama is not in the national title picture. They will not be in the top four at the end of the year, and they will not play in their conference championship game, which will pit Georgia against LSU. The interesting question now becomes, “Which team will get the #4 slot if LSU beats Georgia in that conference finale, as expected?” Is it possible that Utah will make the Final Four? Who could have guessed that at the beginning of the season?

In another big match-up Saturday, Wisconsin had no problem disposing of Minnesota. That win put the Badgers in the Big Ten conference championship game, but they are not expected to have much of a chance. THE Ohio State University has blown away everyone in the conference this year, including Wisconsin in their previous meeting (38-7). The Buckeyes are averaging 50 points per game.

As per my previous warning, I banned a user from commenting today because he was using multiple identities. The extra identities are generally known as “sock puppets” in internet parlance. (I guess I actually banned nine users, since that’s how many different identities he was using to post.) He had already been using eight different identities at the time I issued the general warning to stop. At one point, he had used three different identities in the same thread.

Not only did he not heed the warning, but he created another new identity!

You will notice that some previous threads will seem confusing with all of his comments expunged, since some of your responses will disappear when the “parent” comment disappears. I figure it doesn’t matter since people almost never go back to review old threads anyway.

To repeat: I don’t care what kind of opinions you post, as long as they are civil, but stand in there and defend them as yourself rather than hiding behind sock puppets.

I may have oversold it with that headline. I reckon there is some transparency, some illusion. At any rate, she looks spectacular. You’d never guess she is 54 years old.

It seems you can see her as a series regular in about two weeks. She will be a baddie (Morgan Le Fay) in season three of Marvel’s Runaways (Hulu, December 13). Morgan is one of those roles that just cries out for over-the-top acting, ala Doc Holliday and Long John Silver. Hell, in the comic books she was briefly Doctor Doom’s girlfriend! It appears (see below) that La Liz is not afraid to camp it up as an evil immortal.

“Submit to me,” indeed!