#1 will be LSU, and they will take on #4 Oklahoma in the semi-finals. In the other contest, two undefeated teams, Ohio State and Clemson, will face off against each other.

I think you could have made a case for any one of the three undefeated teams to be the #1 seed.

That #1 seed should be an edge this year, at least in theory, because the other two undefeated teams will have to play one another in the semi-finals, while the top seed got a (presumably) easier opponent.

The former #4 and #5 lost, so #6 Oklahoma claimed the fourth seed with a hard-earned victory over #7 Baylor for the second time this year.


ESPN takes a look at every bowl game

Not the entire scene, but a special focus on the open crotch shot

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There is more to the scene, of course. Her breasts are spectacular. This scene was voted the top nude scene of 2014, and is certainly among the top ten of the millennium, in my opinion. I would place it it the top five, and I’d raise no objection to any list which places it in the top spot, although it would not be my personal number one.

We’ve seen many other possibilities. I’d go with Eva Green in The Dreamers, but others here at various times have nominated Rosario Dawson in Trance, Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball, Dichen Lachman in Altered Carbon, Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary, and Gretchen Mol in The Notorious Bettie Page. (And maybe others that escape my immediate recall.)

He simply will not drop that issue, and is privy to so much information that he wants to make it his number one and number two priorities.

He says people are “flushing toilets 10 times, 15 times.”

Who are these people? When Trump says “people” he always means one of two things: either totally imaginary people that he fabricated (as in “people are saying”), or he is referring to himself (as in when he says “many people don’t know that” about something he just learned that everyone else, from third grade up, already knows). Unless the President is taking some brobdingnagian personal dumps, these mad toilet-flushers must be in group one, but what could have put the idea in his head?

Absolutely. Nobody should ever impeach someone in this sacred holiday season. Only a monster would do such a thing.

Like … um …

On December 19 1998, when Gingrich was speaker, and the House of Representatives impeached former President Bill Clinton. They actually called a special session on a Saturday just to get it in before Christmas!

These guys don’t seem to grasp the concept of Google.

Forget the new movies. Spend a few hours with “Constitutional Grounds for Presidential Impeachment.” (2019 version, no nudity)

What a page-turner!

And in case you hate all the reboots today, here’s the original 1974 version. (SPOILER ALERT for the original: the bad guy high-tailed it out of Dodge before the marshall arrived. It was the only plot with less development than Picnic at Hanging Rock.)

I think it’s interesting, dammit. I read every word and studied all the old pictures.

That may tell you more about me than about the merits of the show.

Sidebar: all the guys from the cast have passed now, but both Tina Louise and Dawn Wells are still with us, at age 85 and 81 respectively. Here is Tina as she appears now, and here’s Dawn.

The Howells and the Skipper had all passed by 1991, but Gilligan hung in there until 2005, and the Professor was nearly 90 when he left us in 2014, so four of the seven were alive in 2004 for the picture below. Gilligan, who looked good in the picture, would soon pass. The professor, who looked like he was already dead, would hang in for another decade.

The 2nd Annual TV Land Awards; March 7, 2004