The complete “list includes a man convicted of reckless homicide, a convicted child rapist, a man who murdered his parents at age 16 and a woman who threw her newborn in the trash after giving birth in a flea market outhouse.”

One (particularly egregious and obviously corrupt) example:

Patrick Brian “Baker was convicted in 2017 of reckless homicide, robbery, impersonating a peace officer and tampering with evidence for his role in a 2014 home invasion that resulted in the death of Donald Mills. Baker had served just two years of his 19-year sentence when Bevin pardoned him to time served on Dec. 6.”

I’m guessing that the people who testified against him may not be happy to see him on the streets again.

Why would anyone free such a man so soon after such major crimes? I dunno. I guess it’s just a coincidence that Baker’s brother hosted a fundraiser for the lame-duck governor and donated to him over the years.

Actually just Lev this time.

(Ol’ Igor is keeping a low profile.)

Parnas poses an extreme risk of flight, and that risk of flight is only compounded by his continued and troubling misrepresentations”

The government’s position is based on Parnas’s misrepresentation of his financials and a failure to disclose vast assets, including a recent million-dollar deposit from Russia into his wife’s bank account.

Probably just his wife’s birthday. Russia really goes all out on birthdays.

From the article:

Trump had been repeatedly told that US freedom of action against North Korea was constrained by the fact that the regime’s artillery could demolish the South Korean capital in retaliation for any attack, inflicting mass casualties on its population of some 25 million in the total metropolitan area.

“They have to move,” Trump said, according to Bergen, who adds that his officials were initially unsure if the president was joking. But Trump then repeated the line. “They have to move!”

Trump then told his national security team: “I want an evacuation of American civilians from South Korea.”

A senior official warned that such an evacuation would be interpreted as a signal that the US was ready to go to war, and would crash the South Korean stock market, but Trump is reported to have ignored the warning, telling his team: “Go do it!”

Alarmed Pentagon officials ignored the order.

Olivia d’Abo in The Last Good Time (1994)

I haven’t seen her lately, but IMDb shows she is still very active, with several 2019 series appearances and movies. Looks like she’s another one who has fallen into the deadly Maelstrom of Hallmark. She recently did a Christmas movie with the legendary Ponyboy!

Speaking of whom …

You wonder about him? C. Thomas Howell has 117 movie credits, including nine in 2018 alone! He may be trying to be the new Eric Roberts, but he has a long way to go. The original Roberts has 355 movie credits at IMDb, including (this is not a typo) 47 still in the pipeline! He also makes a buck or two on Christmas. Some of his recent endeavors include:

Pups Alone: A Christmas Peril
A Karate Christmas Miracle
All American Christmas Carol
Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever
So This Is Christmas
Christmas in Compton

Those are all real Christmas movies, but one of them does NOT actually feature Eric Roberts. Can you guess which one? (If you care – and you absolutely should not – the answer is found after the jump.) I guess my favorite XMas movie is still A Sam Peckinpaugh Christmas: Bring Me the Head of Judas. It has just the right blend of gentle family remembrance and ultra-violence.

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Anya Chalotra as Yennefer

image host image host image host image host image host

More here.

The official release date for the series is December 20

By the way, the fans of this saga are not happy with the casting of Chalotra. Many comments suggest that Henry Cavill looks like he should be playing her dad.

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4K captures here.

Sure we’ve seen this before, but (1) it’s awesome; (2) this is about the best .gif version that I have seen.

Someday after the new year begins, we’ll look at the best nude scenes of the millennium or maybe just the best of the past decade. I reckon this has to be among the leaders, and will even get some support for the top slot. It was our top nude scene of 2014, which was an amazing accomplishment because it had to compete against prolonged full frontal and rear nudity from ScarJo.