“That requirement is cut and dried, said Kathleen Clark, a law professor at Washington University in St. Louis. She cited guidance from the Office of Government Ethics, issued in November 2017, that states federal officials must disclose ‘gifts of legal defenses — in kind or by payment of the fees.‘”

I’m on Trump’s side on this one. It seems to me that his financials, as is, already reflect the value of Rudy’s advice with total accuracy.

Melbourne Childcare Centre Replaces Santa With ‘Sustainability Pirate’ For Christmas Party”

The tots will be treated to a fun anti-Santa slide show from the Sustainability Pirate about how reindeer flatulence is exacerbating the greenhouse gas problem. “Yaarrrr, lads. When we hoist the mainsail, usin’ renewable wind energy we be.”

Although the Sustainability Pirate admits that he has difficulty delivering presents to the good little boys and girls who don’t live on waterfront property.

“A 6-6 Ohio vs. a 7-5 Nevada — two programs with virtually nothing in common — is essentially the poster child for the idea that there are too many bowl games.”

Best name (given that there is no Ty-D Bowl, inexplicably): Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl.

When I was a fresh-faced lad, mankind had made almost no progress beyond fire. There were only four bowl games, and there was no cable TV nor streaming computers to view the action. Phones were decades away from becoming “smart.” We would sit by the telegraph with our hungover, racist uncles on New Year’s Day and listen for the short and long clicks that brought us news from the faraway Rose, Cotton, Sugar and Orange Bowls. Aunt Elsie would bring us body temperature milk she had just squeezed out of ol’ Bossy, and regale us with tales of how she had once seen the real Orange Bowl in a black and white postcard. Uncle Florian would take out his squeezebox and play some tunes for a private halftime show, often after he had emptied a pint of hooch into his glass of milk. It was difficult for those uncles to impart the proper racist attitudes toward “negroes” and “DPs,” because they only had a few minutes on a single day to share all of their wisdom, so they had to hold on to our sleeves and continue to mumble drunkenly as we stood in the doorway and tried to take our leave.

Today I can conveniently pass down that racism at a leisurely pace to my own nephews during 40 bowls on several weekends. It’s truly a tribute to mankind’s eternal progress.

Not only did he toss five TDs with only 23 pass attempts, but he also broke the single-season rushing record for a QB. He’s leading the NFL quarterbacks in both rushing yardage and passing TDs, and he’s leading ALL backs in rushing yards per carry. There are four running backs who have gained more rushing yards than Jackson, but they all have about 250 rushing attempts while Jackson has only about 150!

If ol’ Casey were alive, he’d say “amazin’.”

Of course, none of last night’s accomplishments will count in the record books because the rules require the achievements to take place against a professional team, and he was playing the Jets. Hell, I give the Jets credit. They did show up for the game. Heaven knows why. They’d have been better off taking the forfeit and resting up.

The Ravens continue to be the hottest team in the league. That makes ten wins in a row. They have clinched their division, and seem to be on their way to the AFC home field advantage. (They are the only 2-loss team at the moment.)