Florence Pugh’s bottom in Lady Macbeth (2016)

And her breasts in episode two of Marcella (also 2016, IMGUR)

She’s a rising star. She stars in the new Black Widow film as Yelena Belova, who occupies a prominent place in the comics. Wikipedia clarifies:

“Yelena Belova is a fictional character, a spy in the Marvel Comics Universe and second modern-era character to use the name Black Widow. She was trained as a spy and assassin in the Red Room. Originally a foe of Natasha Romanova sent to kill her, they later became allies. She was also a member of S.H.I.E.L.D., Vanguard and HYDRA.”

As always, the actors are being coy about the exact details of cinematic Black Widowhood: “Black Widow Star Florence Pugh Says Marvel Isn’t Passing the Torch to Yelena Belova” (The preceding link includes the trailer, in which David Harbour seems to steal the show while hamming it up as Red Guardian.)

The Angels often went braless, and Farrah’s legendary nipples were difficult to contain. When this was first broadcast, very few people noticed her nipple in episode 4, “Angels in Chains,” so the prolific imager named Oz surprised most of us when he reported it years ago.

Here now is a look at it in 1080 lines (probably upsized rather than true HD).


The 1080 clip is in Sunday’s Funhouse. There is a low-def version below. The moment occurs at about 40:13 in the video below, but the quality in that particular clip is too weak to allow a proper look.

“Researchers at ETH Zurich have now collaborated with an Israeli scientist to develop a means of storing extensive information in almost any object. ‘With this method, we can integrate 3D-​printing instructions into an object, so that after decades or even centuries, it will be possible to obtain those instructions directly from the object itself,’ explains Robert Grass, Professor at the Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences. The way of storing this information is the same as for living things: in DNA molecules. ”

“DNA of Things”

There are many G-rated images from this photoshoot online, all with Gould and Sutherland wearing these same outfits and in front of the same white background, but this is the only one with a topless woman.

UPDATE #1: One commenter feels that it was Samantha Scott, who appeared in a small role in MASH and was sometimes a Playboy favorite. Now that I look at the pic and this image of Samantha, I’m pretty sure he is right.

In the process of looking up the info, I did find that Gould did a promo with a topless Paula Prentiss for another 1970 film, a 20th Century Fox offering called Move, a box office flop which was directed by the same guy who had directed Cool Hand Luke and would go on to helm several more noteworthy films with big-name stars. Blessings to Paula Prentiss, who was a well-known star and posed naked to sell some tickets. That’s above and beyond. Paula was a real trouper!

UPDATE #2: I have not been able to find the actual pictorial, but this must be part of the photoshoot done for the October, 1970 edition of Playboy, entitled “Solid Gould.” It was described as follows: “5 pages photographed by Lawrence Shiller. In his latest film, Hollywood’s hottest star shares bed and bath with a brace of sensational dolls. It’s Elliot Gould, Paula Prentiss and Genevieve Waite in scenes from the 1970 movie ‘Move.'”

(That specific image may not be in either the magazine or the movie, but an outtake from the same shoot.)

UPDATE #3 from my mailbox: “I managed to locate the October 1970 Playboy in my basement. (Judge Crater is still down there somewhere, I’m certain.) The photo of Prentiss and Gould you linked does not appear in the “Solid Gould” pictorial, but is clearly an outtake. The Saint Bernard appears in one photo in the pictorial, which pretty much makes the situation certain.”