“Here’s Scarlett Johansson playing a Christmas stripper ghost on a skit on SNL this past weekend, and more importantly, busting out her ginormous bosom and cleavage in a revealing and cleavage-amplifying swimsuit… dayuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumn! Still one of the most stupendous bosoms on the planet, eh? Especially in a skimpy swimsuit.”

The King insists on a look and feel, as would any prestigious royal figure, except of course for King Kong’s gay younger brother, Archduke Kong. (From the 1976 version of the ape saga.)

It’s amazing to see the progress in special effects in the past two decades or so. The latest Kong flick is quite terrifying, but this 1976 version wasn’t much more convincing than the original. That ape hand is more risible than frightening.

Pom Klementieff in a 2012 short that I have never heard of (El Turrff). (Samples below) Pom plays Mantis in the Avengers/Guardians movies.

pom_klementieff-el_turrff-2012-1.jpg pom_klementieff-el_turrff-2012-2.jpg

I reckon nobody else has heard of this film either, since it has a whopping five votes at IMDb. The entire film is available on Vimeo. (Thanks to Oz for finding it.) The nudity starts at 6:02

Here is Pom in another topless scene in Hacker’s Game (2015)

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Exercise has become a source of well being not a means to look good naked. As part of my @f45_training 8 week challenge we had to submit an after photo. So why actually post a pic of myself in a bikini? Well, this is my truth and being in this 55 year old body actually feels liberating. Here’s the thing. I’ve finally figured out how to be comfortable in my own skin. Maybe not every day but a lot of them. Age allows you to be clear on your purpose and cherish who and what you are grateful for. You have enough age to see the miracle of life and enough youth to revel in that knowledge. You can be vulnerable and strong at the same time. You can forgive others and yourself. You are willing to put in the effort to reach a goal…or not. And that’s okay. Mostly, you know to make the most of every moment. For me that is sharing joy & positivity, knowledge I’ve gained through experience both successes and failures, and helping to lift others up. Sharing myself in a bikini (which I may or may not ever wear again) Is me Being open to others, open to life… finding glorious connection and community. No filters, no makeup, no airbrushing, no negativity. Be strong enough to be vulnerable. #teristuesdaytips #birthdayweek #bekind #giveback #enjoy #liveyourbestlife

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This week’s news:

The Cowboys came into the game with a 6-7 record, but totally annihilated the Rams, who were fighting for a playoff spot which, while not now mathematically impossible, seems to have been put out of realistic reach by this loss. In order for the Rams to earn a playoff spot, they need to win the last two games while the Vikings lose both of theirs. That gives them an estimated 2% chance to make it. Meanwhile, the Cowboys, despite their 7-7 record, can clinch a playoff spot with a win over the Eagles next week. The oddsmakers calculate about a 67% chance to make the post season.

The 49ers suffered a surprising home loss to the otherwise undistinguished Falcons. That was costly. After spending most of the season as the NFL’s best team, he 49ers are now in second place in their own division and face the prospect of entering the playoffs as a wild card team. (They can still win the division back. They will go head-to-head against the Seahawks in their final game.) There is some good news for the Niners: they, like the Seahawks, have clinched a post-season slot, so the only question is “Which slot?”

The Raiders lost their last-ever home game before moving to Las Vegas. That’s truly the end of an era and a tradition. The Oakland Raiders were a founding franchise of the old AFL. Their first stint in Oakland was memorable, including two Super Bowl wins. They were arguably the best team in football in the 1967-1980 era. Their best season in that epoch was 1976, when they went 13-1 in the regular season, then won the Super Bowl under John Madden. Their return to Oakland has not been so impressive, marked by declining attendance and poor performance on the field. (Only one of their last 17 seasons has been above .500.)

The Bengals unwisely showed up for their game against the Patriots. I guess it would have been difficult to claim they got lost on their way to a home game. Before finally losing by a zillion, they actually held a 10-7 lead at the end of the first quarter. They will be telling their grandchildren about that. “I remember when we had ol’ Tom Brady down, but just couldn’t hold it.”

The Bills beat the Steelers, meaning that the Bills are in the playoffs and the Steelers are still battling to hang in there, with about a 30% chance to make-the post season.

Jameis Winston became the first player in NFL history to throw for 450 or more yards in consecutive games. He finished the first half with 308 yards. That was the 7th consecutive loss for the Lions.