Marina Sirtis and Kirstie Allie topless

Counselor Troi shows off a lovely figure in the role of a prostitute in that unforgettable screen nonpareil, Blind Date (1984), from director Nico Mastorakis.

UPDATE: There is also some Kirstie Alley nudity in that film, and she looked incredible!

I don’t like the films of Nico Mastorakis, to say the least, although I believe I can state unequivocally that Island of Death is the Citizen Kane of goat-fucking films. Nico’s tastes are, to put it mildly, eclectic. One of his non-goat-fucking films stars Zsa Zsa Gabor, Billy Barty, Shannon Tweed, Dick Gautier, Yvonne De Carlo, Erik Estrada, Norman Fell, Lou Ferrigno, Little Richard and Bubba Smith.

It’s really a shame that none of them got to fuck a goat. There are some great possibilities there.

On the other hand, Nico’s DVD commentaries are really entertaining – filled with great and unfiltered behind-the-scenes stories and gossip. Who can resist stories about the exploits of the noted wastrel, Oliver Reed, who worked with Nico in Hired to Kill? Of course, the sad part of that is that Oliver Reed pissed away all that great talent so completely that he had to appear in a Nico Mastorakis movie.

Although he never had to fuck a goat.

But from what I have read about Oliver Reed, he wouldn’t have hesitated to do so.

Even when the cameras were not rolling.