A .gif of her dancing in Sex and Lies in Sin City (2008)

This film presents the story of the death of Ted Binion, one of the sons of Benny Benion, a mob figure who was a key contributor to the original growth spurt of Las Vegas, and later the originator of the World Series of Poker. His son Ted was alleged to be a mathematical genius and a generally good guy, but was also a drug addict, and that got him in with the wrong crowd and eventually led to his death. His OD was originally considered a suicide, but the detectives later determined that the suicide had been staged. Ted’s girlfriend and her lover were charged and convicted in his death, but were later granted a new trial and acquitted on the murder charges. (They were convicted of several other charges related to their presence at the murder scene.)

I suppose there’s a great movie in there somewhere for Scorsese or somebody like that, but this Lifetime Original is only watchable. I did an extensive commentary, but my analysis is more about the real crimes than the movie’s portrayal of them.