Back in early November, a woman claimed that Lia Marie took an unauthorized shower in her bathroom. When challenged, Lia emerged stark naked and started beating on her accusers. Lia’s boyfriend allegedly joined the fight as well. The accusers said they could not post their video of the incident because Lia Marie was naked.

It now seems that the video HAS been released. And here it supposedly is.

There is also a purported pic of her showering as well.

In general, Lia has been behaving quite erratically on social media:

Lia Marie Johnson pulling up her pants, showing everything in a Dec 24 Instagram video

And some still captures

The tie-dyed towel, to be specific. She has eliminated the paid staff, and slashed the budget for incense, candles and patchouli oil. Now we’re waiting for the final sandal to drop.

Marianne Williamson lays off campaign staff nationally.”

No, say it ain’t so, Joe. The only issue remaining is which of the other candidates will get her follower.

The details are even more bizarre:

“There is a lot of symbolism in the work that he’s done. I think one of the first movies he did was [The Man With One Red Shoe] … It was a movie about red shoes; we know that red shoes are significant and symbolic to the occult because they make leather red shoes out of babies’ skin.”

That QAnon guy must laugh his head off every day at the things his followers take seriously. The way he functions seems to be this:

He says to a friend: “I need a challenge. I will prove that I can get my followers to believe absolutely anything. Give me the most ridiculous things you can think of, stuff nobody could possible believe.”

The friend responds: “OK, Paul McCartney is a mass murderer. Tom Hanks is a satanic pedophile. Leo DiCaprio is gay. Peter Dinklage can dunk. Trump is a genius who is setting a trap for his accusers. The Swedish Climate Girl is a time traveler.”

“I’m on it!”

Larsen memories:

  • He was the last living St. Louis Brown.
  • He was an excellent hitter for a pitcher. Over the course of his career he batted .242 and poled 14 homers in just 596 at bats. One year he batted over .300 with an OPS over .900. He got into 75 games as a pinch hitter, and even played occasionally in the outfield.
  • And I hear he pitched a pretty good World Series game once, a game which ended with one of the most famous baseball images of all time (below). And he was either drunk or hungover when he did it! Teammate Mickey Mantle said, “Where was Don the night before he pitched the perfect game? I haven’t the slightest idea, but you could smell liquor on his breath all day. I’ll tell you this: He came to the ballpark feeling pretty good. In fact, to Don, the whole game was a joke. After each inning, guys left him alone, not because of the smell, but because they didn’t want to jinx him, and he’d say with a smile and a laugh ‘You think I’m gonna do it?’”

Here’s his obit at ESPN.

I became a baseball fan in 1957, the year after Larsen’s perfecto, so he seemed like he should have possessed superhuman skills. He always disappointed my juvenile expectations. He was a sub-.500 pitcher for his career and never won more than 11 games in a season. He did lose 21 one season, with only 3 wins. Ouch. That’s not one to tell your grandkids about. But he had his moment.

And what a moment it was.

From my mailbox:

“I follow this artist on Instagram. She is from Montreal and now lives in New York. She’s starting to get big. Chloe Wise. She did a few things a few years back.
you can look her up, but here she is. (She’s the red chick.)”

Fried Eggs from MikeandClaire on Vimeo.

The other two women are Alexandra Marzella and Claire Christerson.

He was arguably the most successful sports commissioner in history. Under him, a semi-major niche sport became mainstream and major, everyone prospered, and the fan base just kept growing. He was a tough, pugnacious s.o.b., so he made enemies, but he ultimately made all of that tension work for the league.

And he was also lucky enough to have MJ show up at exactly the right time.

This says it all:

“A league that couldn’t get its finals on live television in the pre-Stern era began to eclipse its fellow pro leagues in follower counts and influence. The NBA’s explosive growth since Stern took over in 1984 is a tidy narrative: The Portland Trail Blazers, as just one example, were sold for $70 million in 1988 and are now valued at $1.6 billion.”

If this is legit, it will be a big release. Nikki is becoming a major star, and it may just be legit. She is a very sexual person and talks very frankly about her preferences with Howard Stern, so I can imagine her taking nudes of herself. However, she also says she has not had sex in months, so I don’t know who she would be sending nudies to. Of course, we don’t know when it was (allegedly) taken. Maybe it was a while ago, when she had a steady guy.

In a related story, one commenter brought the post below to our attention. (It’s from her verified Instagram, but she specifically mentions that it is not she, but a lookalike.)