A .gif of Sook-Yin Lee in Shortbus (2006)

Per Wikipedia:

“Due to her participation in several unsimulated sex scenes in the film, Sook-Yin Lee was nearly fired by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, for which she hosted the radio program Definitely Not the Opera at the time. Ultimately, she retained her job as the CBC relented in the face of support for Lee from the public, as well as from celebrities such as Gus Van Sant, Atom Egoyan, David Cronenberg, Francis Ford Coppola, Michael Stipe, Moby, Julianne Moore and Yoko Ono.”

Kathleen Turner in Ken Russell’s Crimes of Passion (1984)

What an odd movie this is.

Quick, name a movie where Anthony Perkins is totally loony, hangs around a run-down hotel/motel, talks to himself, peeps through peepholes at naked women, and ends up being killed while in drag wearing a cheap wig.

Maybe I worded the question wrong. Too easy. If you can name a Tony Perkins movie at all, he probably did those things. In addition to Psycho 1 through 37, there’s also Crimes of Passion.

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A .gif of Lynda Wiesmeier in R.S.V.P. (1984)

The busty beauty was one of the queens of the youthploitation boom in the early to mid 80s. She was a POM in 1982, then appeared naked in several films from 1983-1985, but she had basically disappeared from public life before she turned 30. IMDb says she was working as an office manager in Louisiana for a while. She passed away not too many years ago, killed by a brain tumor before she turned fifty.