A .gif of Lola Naymark in Au fil d’Ariane. Terrific scene.

According to Charlie’s French film nudity site, she has been naked in

au fil d’Ariane
au nom du fils
comme un mauvais souvenir
dans tes bras
faux coupable
l’armée de l’ombre
la promeneuse d’oiseaux
yes I do

This was one of our Top Nude Scenes of 2014. (You know it had to be a great scene if it made the top 20 with an internationally unknown actress in an obscure film.)

A unique legal strategy!

No, it’s not about Trump’s Senate trial.

A man said the woman who reported seeing his genitals was mistaken.

His barrister said the alleged act was “physiologically impossible.” He posed the “delicate question” to his client about his penis size, with an A4 piece of paper in front of him in court. He asked Mr Knight whether his manhood could get “anywhere close to coming over the top of that piece of paper.” He replied: “No.”

That is one fire approximately the size of Delaware, or enough to roast three quintillion marshmallows.

“There are about 155 fires burning in NSW, 50 of which are uncontained.”

“The strong winds were reaching speeds of up to 55 mph, lofting embers out ahead of fires to start new spot fires, and propelling the front edges of fires forward at high rates of speed, breaching containment lines.”

Twenty-eight people have died, about 6000 buildings have been destroyed and more than 70,000 square miles of land has been burnt. Conservative estimates suggest more than a billion animals have perished.

I had never seen this scene before yesterday. It is from an obscure 1992 effort entitled The Prom. With a running time of 49 minutes, it is either the world’s shortest film or the world’s longest short.

(Why did she do this? The director was an unknown at the time, and JJL was dating him. This was his first film, but he would go on to some interesting projects, most notably everyone’s favorite Gyllenhaal perve-fest, Secretary.)

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