He represents a wildly entertaining (and scary) turn in the Ukraine story, based on the current tranche of Lev Parnas documents.

In May, Hyde was removed by police from Trump National Doral Miami in Florida. According to an incident report filed by the Doral police department, Hyde told the responding officer that he was in fear for his life and “a hit man was out to get him.” He was not arrested. Police escorted him from the hotel and transported him to an undisclosed location. In the vehicle, Hyde said his computer had been hacked by the Secret Service and that the Secret Service was watching him at the premises, according to the incident report.

In June, responding to a protective order, Simsbury police removed six firearms and more than 800 rounds of ammunition last year from his home. Officers seized three rifles, two shotguns, a flare launcher, and other shooting accessories.

When asked for his comments on the newly available documents, Hyde succinctly responded, “Bull Schiff is a giant bitch.”

He is currently a Republican candidate for a seat in Congress.

There are a few new anecdotes:

1. Trump told the Prime Minister of India, “It’s not like you’ve got China on your border.”

2. He wanted to change US law to allow corporations to bribe foreign officials.

3. He didn’t know why Pearl Harbor was important.

4. “Trump agrees to participate in an HBO documentary that features judges and lawmakers — as well as all the living presidents — reading aloud from the Constitution. But Trump struggles and stumbles over the text, blaming others in the room for his mistakes and griping, ‘It’s like a foreign language.'”

5. Axios reported in December 2018 that former New Jersey governor Chris Christie and Trump met privately to discuss Christie possibly becoming his next chief of staff. After Christie respectfully turns down the job, he asks Trump how the details of their meeting leaked out, since it was just the two of them and first lady Melania Trump in the room. “Oh, I did it,” said Trump.

OK, Downey has had a great career. He’s entitled to screw up once in a while.

Some reviews:

“Zero stars. Everyone knows that if you don’t have anything nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all. Less well known is the adage: ‘You can’t publish a movie review that is entirely blank.'”

“Just when I thought Dolittle couldn’t get any less funny or idiotic, Robert Downey Jr. sticks his arms up a dragon’s asshole. And I do mean that literally.”

“There’s got to be a moment, as an actor watches himself on-screen pulling bagpipes out of a CGI dragon’s rear end, that he thinks, ‘Have I really fallen this far?'”

“Dolittle believes a vicious tiger named Barry getting kicked in the groin by a gorilla and exclaiming ‘Oh, my Barry berries!’ is the height of humor.”

“… like horse dung, with few laughs and no charm.”

“an unwatchable circus.”

“overproduced, charmless, tone-deaf misfire”

In praising Trump’s new trade deal with China, Pence said, “MEN SEE ONLY THE PRESENT, BUT HEAVEN SEES THE FUTURE.” Speaking of Heaven, heaven only knows why he thought that saying was relevant in the first place, but here’s the full context:

“In the story, the King of Hell was asked why good people suffer while some bad people are able to prosper. The king used that saying to explain that mortals can only act with limited vision, while the heavens see what lies in the future.”

A younger Cardi shows the moves that will bring North Korea over from the dark side. Here’s a sound clip.

Per Wikipedia:

“She began stripping at the age of 19. Upon being fired from a supermarket, her former manager recommended she work at a strip club. Cardi B has said that becoming a stripper was positive for her life in many ways: “It really saved me from a lot of things. When I started stripping I went back to school.” She has explained that she became a stripper in order to escape poverty and domestic violence, having been in an abusive relationship at the time after being kicked out her mothers house, and that stripping was her only way to earn enough money to escape her dire situation and get an education. She attended Borough of Manhattan Community College.”

She hasn’t lost the knack. Here is her drunken birthday rant and twerk from Instagram Live, last October 14:

And an Instagram post from the previous day:

(Well, approximately)

This is a photo of CZJ winning a Butlin’s talent contest in 1979. (Butlin’s is a holiday resort/camp in Minehead.) The picture was supplied by the camp, not by Zeta. The photo is completely consistent with her stated birth year of 1969. As always with stars, she may have fudged a year, but she’s clearly not much older than ten in that picture. Here is a pic of her accepting her trophy, and it shows that she is clearly pre-adolescent.

(About a decade ago, there was a rumor going around that she was about ten years older than she claimed, and one of our commenters resuscitated that recently.)

“Holzhauer, who seemed poised to beat Jennings at the end of Tuesday’s match, missed a Shakespeare-themed clue on Final Jeopardy and lost all the points he had accumulated in the second game.”

Rutter didn’t impress in the tournament, but those other two guys were freakin’ unreal. They are not only filled with info, but they are capable of producing it instantly.