Godsend was an awful horror film from 2004. I kidded recently about Robert DeNiro’s performances in Dirty Grandpa and Rocky and Bullwinkle, but at least he seemed to be having fun in those films while picking up his paycheck. The one he is really embarrassed about is Godsend, where he showed up for a very few days of shooting, but got his face plastered over most of the ads and trailers/teasers.

Anyway, we don’t really care about that. What interests us is that there was an R-rated pre-release version of Godsend, the existence of which produced a situation like the one I discussed with Cider House Rules. In this case Rebecca Romijn did a topless scene that nobody has seen because the film was cut to get a PG-13 theatrical release, and the extended version has never appeared as deleted or extra footage in the “special features” of the home releases.

Sadly, as with the Cider House Rules captures of Charlize Theron, the only available images (that I know of) picturing Rebecca Romijn’s topless scene in Godsend are very poor in quality.

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Another rarity is Pier Angeli’s nudity in Addio, Alexandra

And as for the Sienna Miller nude scenes in “Hippie Hippie Shake,” I have become resigned to the fact that we will never see them at all. It has been ten years now, and no secrets have emerged. At least we have some idea what those images might have looked like, thanks to a pesky photographer who secretly shot the cast and crew during filming. (Samples below)

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Gabrielle Union in a two-piece swim suit – AND her East Compton Clovers cheerleader attire

“It’s already been broughten.”

For Halloween she dressed herself (and her daughter) up in the Bring It On cheerleader garb – and she hasn’t lost a sis, a boom or a bah at age 47.

Grandma and Grandpa Kettle had a little spat about who called whom a liar and who should take his or her pills before breakfast at IHOP.

Oh, they’re so adorable! They’re like two wrinkled little baby Yodas.

“In a tense and dramatic exchange in the moments after the Democratic debate Tuesday night, Elizabeth Warren accused Bernie Sanders of calling her a liar on national television. Sanders responded that it was Warren who called him a liar.”

He then added that they should not talk about it at that moment.