Her bottom is slim, but nice

So I learned something today. I had just kinda assumed she was a Latina singer in some way. Wrong. Here was my thought process on this:

Step 1. “I’m not sure if there is such a thing as a ‘typical’ Latina body, but if there is, she sure doesn’t have it.”

Step 2: “I’m curious. I’ll look in Wikipedia.”

Step 3: “She has zero percent Latina blood. Her ancestry is totally Italian on both sides.”

Son of a gun! Mea culpa.

Yvonne Strahovski in Manhattan Night AKA Manhattan Nocturne (2016)

This was our Top Nude Scene of 2016, although I completely disagreed. The vote was an outpouring of love for Yvonne, but her scenes were mediocre. I voted for Olivia Wilde in Vinyl, though I felt that the best nude scene of that year was actually done by the body double in The Bronze. (Michelle Derstine, body doubling for Melissa Rauch.)

The headline: “Dinner honors president shithole”

Hey, I read that article. I thought it was about Trump.

“Facebook Inc said on Saturday it was working to find out how Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s name appeared as ‘Mr Shithole’ in posts on its platform when translated into English from Burmese.”

NOTE to self: When enjoying Burmese cuisine, do not order the Jinping. Better avoid the Xi as well, just in case.

Years ago I created a humor page of my suggestions for state slogans. For one of those sparsely populated states that nobody sane would visit, I suggested “always plenty of free parking.” At the time, I thought I was being absurd, but we now live in absurd times, so now we have …

Follow your curiosity, not the crowds.”

Unfortunately for them, I am mostly curious about things people like.

An example from this funny Onion piece


Education: 97% of residents know the sound of one hand clapping

Economy: Mostly service industry jobs of either taking people up mountains or carrying their corpses down mountains

Demographics: 65% National Geographic freelance photographers, 35% ethnic Bhutanese

Geography: Once beautiful, diverse landscape destroyed by monastery construction boom over past few centuries

Main Source Of Happiness: Watching Western backpackers think they’re having spiritual epiphanies