As somebody pointed out in a recent comment thread, Sophie may be the all-time queen when it comes to career screen nudity. She’s the Babe Ruth of bush. She has been naked in so many films that I always confuse them, especially these two scenes from Beyond the Clouds and My Nights are More Beautiful Than Your Days

I think this one is from the aforementioned Beyond the Clouds, but it might just as easily be from about 20 other films.

The thread is here.

She really is an actress. Her roles, so consistently and unjustly ignored at Oscar time by the so-called Academy, include Russian Doll #2, Blond Girl, Pretty Woman, Castithan Singer #2, Cyber Chick and of course the ever-challenging role of Neighbour, as earlier perfected by the late, great Don Defore.

Defore played the neighbor without the “u,” of course. A true genius needs no stinkin’ “u” to achieve greatness. He didn’t even need the “u” to spell “genius.” He was that good. He didn’t even need physics – how do you think he managed to live next to everyone on television, no matter where they lived?

Bryant, 41, was killed along with one of his daughters, 13-year-old Gianna, in a helicopter crash

“In 2006, at age 27, Bryant scored an amazing 81 points in a single game against the Toronto Raptors. Two years later, he earned the league’s Most Valuable Player award, calling the trophy a blessing at the time. At 34, Bryant became the youngest player in NBA history to earn 30,000 career points, edging other scoring greats such as Abdul-Jabar, Chamberlain, Karl Malone and Michael Jordan. He is currently the fourth-highest scorer of all-time in the league.”

(Kareem is the #1 scorer of all time. LeBron should be in the future, if he plays three more seasons.)

Wikipedia says: “Sylphide Charity Vaigncourt-Strallen, known professionally as Zizi Strallen, is a British actress, singer and dancer best known for playing Mary Poppins in the Cameron Mackintosh theatrical production of Mary Poppins.” She also appeared in the movie version of Cats.

Various people have been claiming to have seen the alleged leaked photos.

Here’s another poll to keep everyone involved.

We’ve been discussing this for a long time, and I’m really interested to see how people feel about this issue. Rank the candidates from top to bottom by dragging them to the correct position.

If you prefer a different candidate, choose “other,” place them in the correct position, and specify who you mean in the comments.

Remember this is about how they look NOW, not about how beautiful they once were.

OK, maybe there are no pokies in this pic from 1964. Maybe there is no see-thru. But you older guys might find it fun to look. Consider it nostalgia for a simpler time.

From left to right they are: Richard Deacon; Mary Tyler Moore; Dick Van Dyke; Sheldon Leonard; Carl Reiner; Jerry Paris. Two of them are still alive: Carl Reiner is 97; Dick Van Dyke just turned 94, and needs just a few more years to perfect his cockney accent.

America’s top diplomat tries out a new form of diplomacy.

This reminds me of when the polite, predictable mainstream comedy of the 50s and early 60s first acquired an edge, then gradually morphed into insult comedy. Now it’s time for polite, predictable mainstream diplomacy to follow that path to insult diplomacy.

Actually, Pompeo seems to be floating a novel new defense of Trump: nobody cares if he fucks Ukraine over, which is basically accurate within Trump’s low-info base.

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