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It’s obvious from the seemingly random results that we are simply not familiar with what these women look like now. As one commenter noted, it is entirely possible that Jane Asher and Jaclyn Smith should finish 1-2, yet Smith finished low, and Asher last!

I will have to re-do this poll with pictures. I don’t have time to assemble that right now, but I’ll get to it soon.

I wish I was joking. I’m not.

The president’s lawyer Alan Dershowitz argued that any action to aid re-election could be considered in the nation’s interest and therefore cannot be impeachable.

In essence, per Dershowitz, the President could start a war under false pretenses to improve his election chances, solicit foreign interference in an election, have his opponent falsely arrested and imprisoned or even cancel the election – and it would not warrant removal from office.

All comments by Brainscan:

Today’s contribution includes several scenes with a camera that panned the surface of a female star, the simplest of which were of Solene Rigot in Orpheline (2016).

image host


image host

The scenes with Oksana Akinshina in Stilyagi (2008),

image host

Sarah Crawford in Threat of Exposure (2002)

image host

and Stefanie Stppenbeck in Niemand ist eine Insel (2011)

image host

offered unusual challenges well beyond my Photoshop skills. Her co-star’s movement in the Oksana scene makes him look like an alien when all was said and done, even though she looks wonderful; Sarah’s scene (her only one, according to IMDb) was shot through a lace curtain, which played hell with the outcome. Stefanie’s scene was shot with a rapidly moving camera; the result was an in-focus shot of her face but everything else warped by motion blur. Too bad, ‘cuz she is a true MILF.

In addition to those, I stitched together frames for the third of the Brigitte Woellner images from Strike Back (1981). IMDb says this was her only appearance on screen and that seems a tragedy of the first magnitude.

image host

image host

image host

and both of Linnea Quigley’s from Deadly Embrace (1989).

image host


image host

The first of Linnea’s collages may not look as though it was pieced together from several frames but that scene was shot with a lighting source that moved from lower left to upper right, which means each of the twelve parts of that collage was, itself, a montage of three or four frames. Took me an age to complete.

Remember the movie Horse Girl, because this reviewer goes on to say, “Alison Brie basically does a full frontal nude scene.”

In the unlikely event that you’re actually interested in a Sundance movie, here’s a good overview of this one.

Authorities seize 12.7 tons of beaver penises” with a street value of $24 million.

That means beaver dicks are worth about sixty dollars an ounce! To quote the great Jeff Spicoli …

“Approximately 400,000 to 600,000 beavers must have been killed to produce the 12.7 tons of penises”

The Canadians were shipping them to China. Apparently the Chinese think beaver dicks make one … er … sexually vigorous.

This is not to be confused with the most Canadian HEADLINE ever …

Woman hits moose on way to visit sister who hit moose

I feel like such a failure. I go to Canada every year for either the Toronto or the Montreal jazz festival, and yet I have never seen a beaver or a moose there. I’m pretty sure the Canadians are hiding them just to teach me a lesson of some kind.

To me the most Canadian thing I experience is having to pay the roadway tolls in pelts. If you’re taking a long trip and have a small car with little room for spare furs, you have to keep stopping at a currency store to exchange more Greenbacks. Then it’s so hard to stuff those pelts into the container at the unmanned toll booths. I still prefer those to the manned booths, though. I always get cheated there. The last time I drove the QEW, the toll was a beaver pelt and I didn’t have exact change, so I gave them a moose, and they only gave me two hooves for change. Everyone knows the rate is three. Fucking hosers.