Heather Graham In Killing Me Softly

A compilation .gif of Heather Graham in of the ten or so sexiest performances of this century in a film I called Shakespeare in Lust, given that Heather’s co-star was a certain Joseph Alberic Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes, aka Will Shakespeare in love.

By the way, that is a real name, and not a name made up by the Pythons for their Upper Class Twit of the Year competition.

5 thoughts on “Heather Graham In Killing Me Softly

  1. I had this thought in the “performance” of the millennium thread;
    Heather has to be best career of the millennium? Consistent and incredible showings.

    1. Christina Ricci, Eva Green and Kate Winslet would also be strong. Maybe others that don’t come immediately to mind.

      Ricci has consistently been at the top of the polls, even in the top spot, but has really not left behind a single performance to compete with the ones mentioned here.

      If we can include the ENTIRE career, not just the 2000s, then you could include Heather as Rollergirl, which probably would lift her to the top seed, or at least make her and Winslet two of the co-favorites. They are so different. Winslet is an excellent actress, but does nothing for me as a lust object, while Graham is a limited actress, but damn, is she sexy!

      Maybe a poll for another day!

      1. Going back to the 1960s/70s on, I’d think Sophie Marceau would have to be at the top.

        1. Her first film was 1980 when she was 14 so you don’t have to go quite so far back. Heather’s first film was 1988 when she was 18.

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