This is a case where the government needs to get everyone on the same page, which has yet to happen. Also, it needs to be a scientific page, not a political one. If Trump doesn’t get his act together, this will be his Katrina x1000.

Well, Rachel Maddow and others, you do get a very, very dark consolation prize. There are people who actually believe what Trump says. If they continue to do so, their herd will grow much thinner, as their infection rate will far exceed the norm.

Unfortunately, they come into contact with the rest of us, so the disease will also spread faster among those who do not rely on the accuracy of Trump’s pronouncements.

Oh, oh! It is possible to get the coronavirus more than once!

Implied by that – typical vaccine immunization may not work in this case. COVID-19, in that respect, is similar to the common cold, which is also a corona virus. That’s not to say that there is no hope for prevention, but rather that the hope is not likely to come from a vaccine, and it may take much longer than we would like.

A new “study”


  • Anchorage is the most industrious; Detroit is the laziest.
  • In the sub-categories, Austin and Salt Lake City top the two lists, while the rear was brought up by Columbia, S.C. and (once again) Detroit.
  • Buffalo, N.Y. finished in the bottom 11 in both sub-categories, while Anhorage finished in the top eight by either criterion.

Season two was released about five hours ago as I type this. It does not compare to season one in the nudity department. This Lela Loren nude scene in episode eight is the only decent one that I caught in a quick fast-forward through the season. There’s a fairly lengthy sex scene in episode four, but it was shot and cut to minimize exposure. More on that later.

Here’s Lela:

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