Here’s a jumbo-ass 4k capture of the topless scene that ranks as the all-time favorite for many men.

GASP! We’re coming up on the 40th anniversary of that film.

NAH. Can’t be. I must have forgotten how to do math.

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How many of you remember that this is a true story? A young Cameron Crowe went undercover as a high school student to write the book.

Just six days ago, RCP was showing that Biden’s lead over Bernie had narrowed to two points, 23-21, with Steyer also in contention at 16.

That has changed dramatically this week. The current RCP average is showing Biden with a dramatic 36-24 edge, while Steyer and Buttigieg are in a dead heat for third. Some say Biden’s margin over Bernie is as much as 16 to 21 points.

What happened? Biden got some key endorsements, while some voters who flirted with Steyer are moving back to their reliable fallback guy, Biden.

By the way, it appears that Warren may finish as low as sixth.

Despite these polls, I would not count Bernie out. Here’s why:

The pollsters only survey Democratic voters, and the polls may well be right about Biden’s edge there, but there’s more to consider. Because Trump’s nomination is a foregone conclusion, the Republican primaries are meaningless this year, so some conservatives have been encouraging their supporters across the country to register Dem or Ind this year so that they can vote for Bernie in the Democratic primaries – because they believe that Bernie would get crushed in the general. Conservatives don’t even need to make that much effort in South Carolina, which doesn’t register voters by political parties and holds open primaries, so Trump supporters can just show up and vote for Bernie.

The conservative pro-Bernie effort is called Operation Chaos, and mirrors the Russian efforts to support Bernie in the primaries.

At this moment it is not possible to predict the impact of this movement on the South Carolina results. It may be utterly insignificant, or it may produce a tidal wave of Bernie support.

Ms. Jovovich from a Pirelli photoshoot

This is from the 2012 Pirelli calendar, which may be the greatest accomplishment of mankind’s brief reign on this planet. Sure, Michelangelo’s David is impressive, as is Hamlet, and the Taj Mahal, and of course Pauly Shore in Bio-Dome, but how do those admitted treasures compare to all those beautiful women doing full-frontal nudity for a tire company? I’m votin’ for the tire guys.

I’m supportive of Amazon being socially responsible (God knows, Facebook ain’t gonna take the lead), and they certainly should ban snake oil sales, but I have a different take on price-gouging.

Those surgical face masks are impossible to get in brick-and-mortar stores, so if people are willing to pay ten bucks for a fifty cent mask online, they should be able to if that’s their only option.

And I want them to get the masks. The more people that have them, the better it is for me and my family! (Well, assuming the masks really have some efficacy, which is debatable for the non-infected.)