“Up-and-coming star Florence Pugh looking like a supernova of hotness at the 73rd BAFTAS Nominees Party”

Here she is at the BAFTAs. (Link also includes a Black Widow teaser.)

I have to admit that I have yet to see why she is so hot at the moment, but her star is definitely rising quickly.

7 thoughts on ““Up-and-coming star Florence Pugh looking like a supernova of hotness at the 73rd BAFTAS Nominees Party”

  1. Scoop likes statuesque beauties. Labrock. Etc.

    Pugh is petite.

    I’m a big fan of petite. (Chloe Moretz, Hayden Panettiere, etc) especially over the traditional model types. Basically, scoop and I rarely agree on faves.

    I voted for Maisie for tops in 2019. I’ll agree she’s got a weird face but her body is banging and she’s got this weird charisma I find irresistible.

    And oh look: petite.

    1. Not accurate. If you have read the page regularly over the years, you will know that my all-time favorite is Caroline Dhavernas, who is much smaller than Pugh or Moretz. (Nobody is smaller than Panettiere except Peter Dinklage. She’s officially listed at 5’0″, but that must be in 4-inch heels.)

      And I think Panettiere is really sexy, although her career doesn’t seem to be going as well as she might have hoped.

      The fact that I’m not impressed by Pugh is because she is above average, but is being pushed as something on a higher level than that. To me, she’s the new Julia Stiles.

      So far.

      To me she even looks like Julia Stiles.

      Although I’m not really sure Stiles was ABOVE average. Even her modest level of success seems inexplicable.

      The difference? Stiles never really found a niche, though the industry tried her in every conceivable avatar. On the other hand, Pugh is young and still has time. Perhaps she will dazzle me with some future performance, but so far – nothin’.

  2. She’s a super cute little nugget. She just is. See her various nude stuff, and of course Fighting With My Family where she’s super athletic and sporting a very different look from the blonde and lethal Black Widow look.

    And yeah, she’s a hell of an actress. She’s versatile, can do almost anything, and swings from the emotional art house stuff to the big budget action stuff effortlessly.

    She’s got an Oscar mom in a very traditional literature adaptation, and then she’s gonna very likely become the replacement for ScarJo as Black Widow in the MCU. That’s a spread for a young actress.

    1. She’s reasonably talented, although her performance as the spoiled sister in Little Women was disappointing in its lack of subtlety.

      And although people have differing standards of beauty (you seem to find her very attractive), I find that her appearance is … well … average. As Tanner noted above, “Excellent actress. But not that hot looking.”

      Speaking of Black Widows, I found out just how different our perceptions of beauty can be when I watched Marriage Story with female friends, who were in agreement that ScarJo is actually not very attractive. The general perception was, “Why is she even famous?” That seems to imply a criticism of her talent as well, but maybe they thought her performance was good. I don’t know because they did not say one way or the other, even though they raved about Kylo Ren’s performance. (I agreed on that. Adam Driver seems to deliver in any type of role.)

      1. I don’t get it either. For those of us who live in England, this is at least the third time that Florence has been pushed on us as the absolute best thing since sliced bread. If you go back 4 years and see the reviews and puff pieces for her performance in Lady Macbeth, it’s pretty obvious she already had a substantial press and pr outfit behind her. And they still are, obviously. You don’t get this kind of notice based just on talent; or else Victoria Hamilton, the great actress I ever saw, would be all over the press and not reduced to taking small parts like the Queen Mother in The Crown. (And her brief Mansfield Park nude scene shows what a tragedy it is that we never saw that much of Vicky again).

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