The Grindhouse Era, Part 4: The First Nudie Musical

Once again Brainscan takes a deep dive into a forgotten chapter in the history of film nudity: the grindhouse era. Except for the footnote, Brainscan alone created all the commentary and collages, as well as the myriad of film clips that accompany this article in the members’ version of the Fun House.

Grindhouse movies that claimed to show the nudist lifestyle did not start with Russ Meyer’s The Immoral Mr. Teas.  Pretty sure there are many more examples, but the earliest I have come across is a short from the 1940’s titled Lil From Brazil, which stars Margie Harrison, a future Playmate. (1)

But we can be sure the first nudist musical was Goldilocks and the Three Bares (1963).  The first half of the movie is a stage show captured on film with some dialogue about something and some singing about something else, but the second half is a nudist extravaganza with water skiing and yachting and horseback riding (yikes!).  That  second half starts with Allison Louise Downe getting into the correct attire for this nudist sort of thing.

and then proceeds to show her and maybe a dozen women posed so as to keep their furry bits hidden.

One BIG exception to that rule – no furry bits – is the scene in which Allison gets on her horse.  Shot from a distance, it nevertheless reveals parts of her that would rile any censor.

In the second of Allison’s clips you will see veteran nudist movie star, Dolores Carlos, in a swinging hammock.  That’s it – the sum total of her contribution to the movie, swinging topless, in a hammock, back and forth a half-dozen times.  Oscar-winning stuff.

One clip with neither hide nor hair of Allison is supposed to be funny, as some doofus in a fake mustache uses binoculars to spy on nudists five feet away from him.  Perhaps he was a dermatologist, in search of suspicious moles.  The actor playing this part has the subtle range of a warthog in heat.  Anyway, he spies Maria Stinger frolicking in a  nearby pool and thereby proving to one and all that she need never worry about drowning.


Maria was a glamour model for magazines of the time.

She was also a frequent sight to see in nudist movies, as you can see in the Funhouse archives, February 7, 2013, where you will find her in a legendary cinematic performance as nudist #3 in 1961’s Diary of a Nudist, as captured by Oz.

The credits say another veteran grindhouse actress, Ginger Hale (or Hall), appears as a nudist somewhere in this film but I’ll be darned if I can find her.  Truth be told, this movie almost broke me.  I gave up one evening after capturing images that were blah, just blah and despaired of finding a way to piece them together.  (Like random images of nudists by the pool.) The movie was no fun at all to watch and was hell to work with.  In a ten-tiered system of movie fun that ranges from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade at the top and Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull at the bottom, this one sleeps with the Skull.


(1. Scoop’s footnote: The otherwise obscure Margie Harrison is famous for one thing – her appearances in Playboy. To begin with, she became the FIRST Playmate when she appeared in the second-ever issue of the Bunny-oriented publication.  “First Playmate” is a trivia question that will win you many bar bets. Most people think Marilyn Monroe was the first Playmate. You all know that Marilyn appeared in Playboy #1, but the magazine never applied the term “Playmate” to her. MM was the “Sweetheart of the Month.”

Margie was also the first Playboy centerfold, because Marilyn had appeared in the main body of the  magazine.

Finally, Margie was also a two-time Playmate, as she graced both the January and June issues in 1954.)


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to be continued …



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