“The president has long claimed he could have gone pro. We looked into it.”

Was Trump good enough to play pro baseball? I don’t know, and the article suggests he was nowhere near that level, but I have to give the devil his due. He was a jock, good at almost every sport. He only played one varsity sport at Fordham (squash), but he was a playground legend, and every intramural team tried to recruit him in just about every sport. He didn’t play much because he was a commuter. The day-hops spent way too much of their lives going back and forth, so most of the intramural athletes were students who lived in the dorms or in off-campus apartments, but when Trump hung out and played, he was said to be tremendous, and he was reputed to be a superlative golfer. His high school records support that. At various times, he played high school football, baseball, basketball, soccer, bowling and wrestling. He was a real jock.

She is topless, showing off what Hugh Grant called “the best breasts in London,” with that subtlety for which he is so justly famed. To sweeten the ante she is also wearing see-through panties. I’ve seen this pic before, but this is a quality upgrade.


Elizabeth Hurley, 32 years ago, pretending to sing in Aria (1987)

Elizabeth Hurley topless in Rowing with the Wind (1987)

Hurley did some sexy dancing in that immortal cinema treasure, Der Skipper (1990)

Hurley shows the BBIL to Ned Stark in a 1994 TV movie called Sharpe’s Enemy

Elizabeth Hurley topless in The Weight of Water (2000)

Elizabeth Hurley briefly topless in Double Whammy (2001)

Some great paparazzi shots of the aforementioned BBIL in a more mature stage

This scene came somewhere during season five.


She did full frontal nudity as part of a kinky two-girl scene on GoT

She is now better known as “The Spanish Princess,” the wildly inaccurate story of Catherine of Aragon, based on a novel called The Constant Princess, and she did some modest nudity in that series.

Episode 1

Episode 2 (very brief)

Episode 6

The Spanish Princess is yet another toney historical epic based on the historical romances of Philippa Gregory, upon whose works were based three other such episodic period tales, The Other Boleyn Girl, The White Queen and The White Princess. The previous series made some effort to follow the historical details, but this one is totally off the rails. When the real Prince Arthur met his betrothed, Catherine of Aragon, he was 15 and his younger brother, the future Henry VIII, was 10. Yet the 10-year-old Henry is played here by a middle aged man. Moreover, the non-10-year-old is said to be the precocious author of the passionate Latin letters exchanged between Arthur and Catherine.

Oh, I’m kidding. The guy is not really middle aged, but he is about 20 and more than six feet tall, and is obviously not a little boy. The real Henry was not even that old when he took the throne – and that happened almost eight years after the incidents depicted here! Those were some very odd choices in plotting and casting.

I have’t read the novel, so I don’t know whether the printed story was also that fanciful or if the re-written history was devised exclusively for the TV presentation.

Lili Simmons looks incredible from any angle


Highlights of her performances on Banshee and her appearances in the annual top ten lists

And a collage of her great nude performance on True Detective. That first season of True Detective was one for the ages, wasn’t it? McConaughey’s strange but effective performance as Rust Cohle, plus legendary nude appearances by Lili and Daddario. Lightning in a bottle.