Helen Mirren in The Cook The Thief His Wife And Her Lover (1989). She was about 43.


A very young Helen Mirren – her clothing skimpy but covering all essentials – in a hopeless experimental film called Herostratus (1967, @21 yo)

Helen Mirren in 1969, about 23, in the Age of Consent (1, 2)

Helen Mirren in Savage Messiah (1973, @27 yo)

Helen Mirren in the infamous Caligula (1979, @33 yo)

Helen Mirren in a convincing sex scene in Hussy (1980, @34 yo) . That’s the way a great actress performs a simulated sex scene. She held nothing back.

Helen in Excalibur (1981, @35 yo)

Helen in Cal (1984, @38 yo)

Helen in Cause Celebre (1987, @41 yo)

Helen in Pascali’s Island (1988, @42 yo)

Helen in Royal Deceit (1993, @47 yo)

Helen Mirren in The Passion of Ayn Rand (1999, @53 yo)

A mature Helen Mirren in Calendar Girls (2003, @57 yo)

In the same year, Helen was topless in The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone (2003, @57 yo)

Helen’s last nude scene in Love Ranch (2010, @64 yo)

Rebecca De Mornay in the 1988 remake of And God Created Woman

And topless in Wicked Ways (1999), which was her last nude scene.

I haven’t thought about her in years, but she’s still out there plugging away at age 60. She was to appear in a Nick Cannon production called She Ball, although I don’t know what happened to that film. It was to be released in February, but … well … things got crazy. I assume it has never been released because it has zero votes on IMDb and no page at Rotten Tomatoes.

It’s odd that De Mornay is billed first on the IMDb page, because she isn’t even mentioned on the film’s official home page.