“According to a Buzz Bingo report, Hill has sworn 376 times across his filmography, while ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ costar Leonardo DiCaprio is on 361, and third-placed Jackson is on 301. Hill and DiCaprio bumped Jackson primarily for ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ which Buzz Bingo named the most profane movie of all time with over 700 swears.”

All I have to say is that Samuel L better get off his motherfuckin’ ass, stop selling credit cards, and get back into crime films.

Kidding aside, Samuel L had a good run, but there’s no way he can finish as the all-time champ, even if he steps up his motherfuckin’ game. The man is 71 years old, so Hill and DiCaprio simply have more cussin’ time left on the clock. Leo is 45 and Jonah is only 36.

“On New Years Eve of 2019 at The Stonewall Inn, Madonna reminded us all that she’s the original Material Girl due to the copious yards of material it took to fully envelop her laughably augmented ass. We never learned what the ass was made of (feathers, silicone, shop rags, helium?) because Madonna told us to mind our own business. However, Madonna dropped a clue on Instagram. Careful observers can deduce that it does not consist of an enlarged nubbin of cartilage because Madonna announced that she’s excited to undergo long awaited ‘regenerative treatment’ for missing cartilage. So lay those rumors to rest. Madonna’s fake ass is not made from upcycled nose job trimmings!”