Holy water, Batman! It’s the Holy Squirt Gun of Antioch.

To me, holy water has always been one of the truly baffling curiosities of religious belief.

I wonder: Is there also Holy Water in nearby Flint?

I wonder: In a case where all the local water supply contains dangerous bacteria, can the priest bless an alternate (safely bottled) liquid? Can there be Holy Mountain Dew Code Red?

(Polluted holy water is not as silly as you think. Throughout history, the holy water font has been a source of diseases. It contains standing water, and many people dip their fingers in it.)

Did you know – holy water dates back to pre-Christian times. “And he shall take holy water in an earthen vessel, and he shall cast a little earth of the pavement of the tabernacle into it.” [Numbers 5:17]

It’s actually a scene from Havoc, and the highlights didn’t really look very green on screen. Exaggerated color sometimes occurs when an imager changes the levels and/or increases the saturation to make a dark picture look brighter.

This was our top nude scene of 2005. That was her year. She also had the 15th-place winner that same year, for Brokeback Mountain

… a .gif from Havoc

…a .gif from Brokeback Mountain

Hathaway also had the top nude scene of 2010 (actually tied for first – our only tie), with Love and Other Drugs.

A .gif from that film

Away from the movie cameras, she once underestimated the effect of bright lights on her top.