“Gregory, who played Tyler Crowley in Twilight, and his girlfriend Natalie Adepojuwere pronounced dead on May 13. The two individuals’ cause of deaths are still pending. A source tells E! News that both Natalie and Gregory were found deceased in their Las Vegas condo on Wednesday, May 13. ‘Greg’s cousin woke up and noticed that Greg’s car was still at the house. He was worried because Greg was to be in LA. His cousin went to check on him and found them’”

Yeah, nothin’ suspicious there.

Since somebody brought it up:

Colleen Camp’s big nude role was in 1977’s Death Game

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She was topless in Apocalypse Now, and that was actually lensed in 1976 or 1977, but her nudity lay on the cutting room floor until Coppola released his “Redux” version in 2001

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She also did brief nudity in three other films.

Smile (1975)

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Cat in the Cage (1978)

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and Deadly Games (1982), a film with which I am completely unfamiliar

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She seems to have made three films with confusingly similar titles: Death Game, Game of Death and Deadly Games. Death Game is the only one I am familiar with.

As Roger pointed out in an earlier thread, she is still working regularly now, but her last nudity was 38 years ago.

Gee, there’s a surprise …

“At DOT, the acting IG was overseeing a high profile investigation of Secretary Chao’s alleged favoritism benefiting her husband Senator Mitch McConnell’s political prospects.”

As a replacement, Trump has selected a professional drawbridge oiler named Skippy who will immediately begin investigating Joe Biden’s conduct in 2009.

Maybe. Here’s the story.

Colleen Camp played a Playmate in Apocalypse Now, and was actually photographed Playboy-style for a mock-up copy of Playboy that was used as a prop in the movie. “This image was shot by noted Playboy photographer Mario Casilli and was subsequently published in the magazine following the release of the movie. A centrefold such as this can be seen in various scenes of the movie and even more prominently in Coppola’s 2001 Redux cut.”

Yeah, yeah, we knew all that, but …

“Lynda Carter of Wonder Woman fame was originally cast in the role during pre-production of the movie and travelled to the Philippines for location filming which was halted in late May 1967 when Typhoon Olga destroyed the sets. By the time production was ready to continue Carter was contracted to film Wonder Woman and could not return to the picture meaning Colleen Camp was cast as Miss May in her place.”

Allegedly, Lynda also was filmed for the prop copy of Playboy.


Anyway, here’s a copy in spectacular quality if you would like to study it. (Purely for academic research, of course.)

image host

Latka: No, no, Latka need woman…(LOOKS IN DICTIONARY)…to…marry. To marry.

Alex: Oh, I see! Yeah, if you marry an American woman, they won’t deport you.

Latka: You take tongue right out of my mouth.

Alex: So, uh, all we have to do is find a woman, right? (LATKA NODS) You got any ideas?

Latka: Phyllis George.

Phyllis George passed away today at 70.

She had a very wholesome, businesslike image, so no nudity, but she did occasionally flash some cleavage for charity. In the comment section, somebody found a picture of her in a bathing suit. Here’s another from her pageant days.

The inspector general who was dismissed had been investigating Pompeo for using State Department employees to run personal errands, and had been digging into the administration’s having inappropriately fast-tracked a Saudi arms deal.

“When asked whether the allegations were true, he declined to comment. ‘I’m not going to answer the host of unsubstantiated allegations about any of that,’ he said.”

Now in the history of the human race, no politician has ever passed up the chance to say “Of course not. There’s absolutely no truth to it at all.” Probable conclusion: guilty AF.