Trump allies are lining up pro-Trump doctors to prescribe a rapid reopening

All of the doctors must “espouse policies and say things that are, of course, exactly simpatico with what the president believes.”

So far, they have only one lined up, but he’s a famous one:

14 thoughts on “Trump allies are lining up pro-Trump doctors to prescribe a rapid reopening

  1. Anybody who joins one of our coalitions is vetted,” Murtaugh said Monday. “And so quite obviously, all of our coalitions espouse policies and say things that are, of course, exactly simpatico with what the president believes. …

    Or to rephrase it slightly, idiots in lockstep.

  2. Ah, Scoopy – you may owe an apology to von Doom here. Sure, he’s evil, but is he *Trump* evil?

    1. Well, Ted Cruz. What he lacks in personal repulsiveness (not much) he makes up for by having a minimal level of competence. He would be more *effectively* evil than Trump. If you look for a silver lining in Trump beating Hil, this is a tiny step in that direction.

      1. Cruz is probably more dangerous. While Trump was the dumbest student at Wharton, Cruz was the smartest at Harvard Law. Evil and smart is a deadly combination.

        1. Didn’t you once tell us about a story you wrote, or wanted to write, UncleScoopy, where the villain was talented, intelligent, skillful, cultured – but so transparently evil and out for himself that no one would follow him, unless well paid? Perhaps Cruz is like that.

          (IIRC, the hero was an unwashed bumpkin, but so obviously good and brave that people followed him willingly.)

          1. PS – I guess I forgot to figure out how Trump fits into this scheme. I guess he SEEMS like an unwashed bumpkin, and that deludes other unwashed bumpkins into thinking that he is one of them and therefore will further their interests.

          2. That’s pretty close. It was my version of Merlin’s backward life story, “Dancing Before The Glass.” Mordred was just as you described the villain, and King Arthur was the hero you described. You have some memory. I wrote that in the 1990s, and don’t remember having spoken of it since.

            I wrote, “It has been earlier noted that Mordred’s conscience was so tangled that he always felt himself in the right, irrespective of how despicable his behavior seemed to others. This was the first incident in his life that was an exception. He realized that Lancelot was completely correct. Every man in Britain, peasant and earl, would look at Mordred and see a brilliant man of regal bearing, eloquence, perfect diction, a perfect education, and supreme self-confidence. They would look at Arthur and see a poor peasant boy who was one day put in charge. And when they made the comparison, no matter how Mordred stacked the deck, no matter if Arthur were starved and naked in leg-irons, no matter if Mordred were bedecked in ermine robes, every man would see immediately who should be king.

            And it was not Mordred.”

            Would that the people of our real world were as wise as my imaginary denizens of Camelot.

  3. Dr Doom is a scientific genius, an accomplished magician and ruler of Latveria. He would reduce Trump to a pile of ash if he refused to do Doom’s bidding.

    1. Yes, by the Hoary Hordes of Hoggoth, the Doctor would kick Trump’s ass, particularly seeing that there’s so much of it there to kick.

  4. Is it consistent with state medical licensing, or even the Hippocratic Oath, for actual medical doctors to do this?

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