CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM will return for an eleventh season

Larry’s response: “Believe me, I’m as upset about this as you are. One day I can only hope that HBO will come to their senses and grant me the cancellation I so richly deserve.”

9 thoughts on “CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM will return for an eleventh season

  1. Every fucking episode:
    Larry does stuff that would generally get the shit kicked out of him in real life.
    No one kicks his ass.
    Optionally, if it’s running a little short, he complains.
    Roll credits, along with that damn annoying music.

    But then it’s not like they’ve got anything good warming up in the bullpen either.

  2. Agreed. It was a pretty sharp & funny show originally, but somewhere in the middle it became annoyingly repetitive and a real downer to watch. I caught an occasional episode from the past few seasons and turned it off almost immediately; it seemed like he was wallowing in the mud. I think he mined all the “little stuff” in life for its humor then desperately went down to the microscopic stuff which isn’t funny. Elderly, irritating curmudgeons probably have a limited shelf life for entertainment.

    1. I thought the season where he took in the Blacks was the high point of the series. Also, the Seinfeld season wasn’t bad, but it jumped the shark sometime soon after that.

  3. Larry David is a national treasure — I can’t tell you how much I identify with him.

    1. Like, that’s just your opinion, man. See, I can state the obvious too, though simulating being a mindless commoner isn’t really appealing. If you identify with Larry David to that extreme extent, maybe you should read a bunch of metaphysical books and learn how to actually *become* him in some weird spiritual way. Then you could experience what it’s like to be a formerly great writer who ran out of good ideas years ago. To me that doesn’t sound like much of a thrill, but it appears you’d really get off on it. Idiotic trolls on web sites would then label YOU a “national treasure” long after your comedic skills had declined to the point of bad writing and repetitiveness. BE the Larry David that lies within you and makes you worship him and guide your life around his curmudgeonly complainings. I know you can do it, even in your condition.

      1. IMO Dev J. is either irritated or trying to be funny, or both (i.e, sarcastic). Anybody have any guesses on which?

        1. Probably just didn’t get the Lebowski reference. Which tended to make him irritated. He would be acquitted if he was charged with attempted humor.

  4. I watched the whole thing over the space of a month. Generally I enjoyed it and even a weak episode often ended on a high point. I didn’t quite binge watch because it can be excruciatingly awkward at times and sometimes I just needed a break ie something with tits and violence.

    I really liked the spite cafe plot line in the most recent season. It shows that David’s still got some off putting ideas in his head.

    RIP Bob Einstein

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