Half of the Irish people report drinking more during pandemic

The other half can’t imagine how that could be possible.

Bringing to mind that great folk song:

“An Irishman, I am, I am, I drinks me Irish booze …
and if you don’t like me Irish song, I’ll throw up on your shoes!”

By the way, I hate to disappoint my fellow stereotypists, but the Irish do not lead the world in per capita alcohol consumption, despite their best efforts. Pussies. They drink a lot, but not as much as Czechs or Germans. They also trail behind Lithuania and Moldova, and consume about the same amount of alcohol as the French or most Eastern Europeans.

3 thoughts on “Half of the Irish people report drinking more during pandemic

  1. We may lag per person, however, we have a sizable population that don’t partake of drink, if you take them out, we are No 1!!!

    Being honest I can’t wait for the pubs to open again, I’ll be able to cut down on the drinking, you have to be able to talk to people in a pub, you can pass out at home.

  2. I have to say that I don’t get drinking at home, alone. Drinking with friends, or even with strangers, is great fun in a lively club or pub, and it’s fun to hold a dinner party at home with a hand-picked guest list and get everybody well lubricated, but boozin’ it up at home in isolation is kinda sad.

    No offense. I understand that the world sucks right now and people have different ways to get through it.

    I wish you and your lads much luck in your quest to out-drink those Moldovan commie wimps. The free world is counting on you. I know you can do it.

  3. Do you know why there are so few Irish lawyers? It’s because they can’t pass a bar.

    Woodlawn, the very Irish neighborhood I grew up in the Bronx, has a stretch of one avenue with something like 8 bars spread out over 3 blocks. When I was a kid, a funeral parlor was renovated into another bar and my mother tried to get petitions signed to deny them a liquor license because she thought there were already too many bars. I thought that was silly, because it seemed unlikely the bar would draw many new drinkers to the neighborhood. Instead, I thought they would just take business from the bars already there. But despite her efforts that bar was able to open and is still in business as far as I know, as is at least one additional bar that has opened since.

    Myself, I’m a social drinker without a social life (and I was one even before the pandemic). I had a drink at a Memorial Day BBQ and I think that was the first one I’ve had this year. I drank more when I was younger, particularly when I was in college and law school. But at one point in my late 30’s I just realized that if I had more than 1 or 2 drinks I felt like crap the next day. So these days I mostly stick to diet pepsi.

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